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Top Mistakes Young Drivers Make When Driving

According to Business Insider, young people account for the most U.S. car accidents. Experts say there are 7 dangerous behaviors many young people have while driving that makes them more likely to get into a car accident. This includes: 1. Speeding: It accounted for 32% of all deadly crashes caused by male drivers 24 and under, and in 19% of those caused by women in the same demographic. 2. Using their phone while driving: Over 1 in 10 fatals included people under the age of 20, who died after being distracted by their phone. 3. Eating while driving: Causes distraction with one or two hands off of the wheel 4. Drunk driving: In 2017, 42% of all fatal DUIs in the U.S. were caused by drivers ages 16 and 24 years old.