Hanging out -- or hanging on -- at Outdoor Retailer 2014

Molly Vorwerck

Walking around an enormous ballroom, getting lost in a sea of plaid shirts surrounded by brightly colored backpacks, is, surprisingly, my idea of fun, and, after a while, pretty overwhelming.

The Outdoor Retailer Show that takes place once in the summer and once in the winter each year in Salt Lake City,  is "one of the biggest B to Bs (buyer to buyer) in the world," said Kate Lowery, a spokeswoman for the show.

I wanted to get a bird's eye view to show the sheer hugeness of this ballroom filled with hundreds of retailer booths.  The mountable video camera brand GoPro allowed me to do this, by putting a GoPro on my head and letting me climb their climbing wall.  (I'm not that special, the activity was free to anyone).