Behind the scenes of the four-wheeling adventure



I had such a fun time writing about the Cliffhanger's Four Wheel Drive Club for the outdoors section. What I didn't write about was how the group is like one big family, and each of the members have each others' backs, no matter the circumstance.

And that was very evident the Sunday I went out with them.

My family and I went out with the group to do a few hours of four-wheeling. We bought a Jeep a few years and have enjoyed exploring the backcountry ever since. We were having a blast watching some of the bigger, custom fabricated buggies attempt to climb some pretty crazy rocks.

But then one of the group's members, Andy Valdez, was injured. He was climbing a pretty extreme area and had his arm out of his window when his buggy dropped on a rock and slammed his arm against it.  What happened next was an awesome show of the group's camaraderie.

Before we could strap ourselves back into our Jeep, the group was gone. They raced back to the vehicles,  following their injured partner. When they got back to their vehicles, the entire group helped  Valdez load up and secure his buggy, and the organizer followed him to hospital.

"People should know that there are dangers involved, however unlikely. Andy (the man hurt that weekend) has never been injured doing this before. He’s been wheeling for decades. Accidents happen though," said Allen Elmore , organizer of the Cliffhangers Four Wheel Drive Club.

That evening, the group's Facebook page was updated on the condition of Valdez's arm. The club is truly is a group of people who have become a big family, always looking out for each other, and it was refreshing to see!