Running Farmington's Run or Dye color run



When I heard that Run or Dye was coming to Farmington, I was excited. Not because I'm a runner, but because it was a fun run and if I was going to sign up to run in anything, it would be a fun run!

I managed to convince my husband (by signing him up) to run with me, and we decided we would take our son, who is 2, in our jogging stroller. Let me just say I did practically zero preparation for this. I know it's only a 5K, but for me that is a long way to run!

We didn't really know what to expect on race day, but everything went so smoothly, and I hope everyone had the same experience we did. Check-in was super quick and everything was organized. I was pretty excited to get my runner's bib and my bag of Run or Dye goodies including a T-shirt, temporary tattoo and dye pack.

The race started right on time, and we were in the first wave of runners to begin. Then the hard part -- running. Surprisingly, because of the fun nature and carefree attitude of the race, running didn't really seem that bad! There were about four dye zones scattered throughout the race that distracted you from the fact that you were indeed running.

I was tracking our run with my phone and was pretty excited when I first checked it to see we had already ran two miles! We finished in 31 minutes and averaged 9:44 a mile, all while pushing a kid in a stroller (Well, my husband did the pushing, but ya know!) . I was so proud and excited to have finished our first race!


If you ever have a chance to do a fun run, I highly recommend it! Even if you walk the whole time or run part of the time, who cares?The important part is that you are getting out there and doing it! I think my husband and I may be hooked and will most definitely run another 5K. In fact, he is already talking about a 10K,

For more information on Run or Dye, check out their website. Their next closest run is in Albuquerque on April 12.