Valentine's Day gift ideas to get you outside together

Maggie Wegrzyn


This Valentine's Day, try thinking outside the heart-shaped box for gift ideas that you can enjoy as a couple.

Repair his broken gear

Jay Willmon's road bike has a broken derailleur — the mechanism that moves the bike's chain out and up — and he's hoping that will be replaced as a Valentines's Day gift.

Buy a fancy new camera

Mark Ritter and Karli Malcom are getting themselves a nice camera as a joint Valentine's Day gift to give the beauty of their adventures the justice they feel they deserve.

Try something different

Pick something neither of you have tried before and give the gear necessary for the activity.  Not 100 percent sure you two will love it?  Rent the gear, or take a lesson together.

Document it in a log book

Give her an empty journal that you can fill with your adventures together. Make sure to document the dates and even the minor details that you otherwise might forget.

Give the gift of reading

Is there a place that she has shown particular interest in? Know she wants to go to a particular destination? Give her the opportunity to learn more about it.

Coupon book of activities

Put a twist on a classic Valentine's Day gift. Instead of a coupon that offers the recipient something like a massage, make a coupon that's good for a full-day hike together.

Choose the right colors

Let him always remember that those rock-climbing shoes were a Valentine's Day gift by choosing the red and white ones. He'll think of you when he wears them.

Reported and written by Molly Maxwell.