San Juan County volleyball stats

The Daily Times staff
Farmington's Alyssa Simmons sends the ball over the net past Piedra Vista's Blaize Bingham (5) and Sam Harris (13) during Thursday's District 2-5A match at Jerry A. Conner Fieldhouse in Farmington.


Piedra Vista’s Kacee Moore, 305

Aztec’s Reigan Weaver, 254

Piedra Vista’s Bailey Rasmussen, 242

Farmington’s Bergen Campbell, 207

Farmington’s Alyssa Simmons, 190

Kirtland Central’s Gabrianna White-David, 188

Farmington’s Chloe Finch, 174

Bloomfield’s Halle Payne, 168

Farmington's JJ Curry, 162

Service aces

Aztec’s Shaizlayeah Harrison, 48

Kirtland Central’s Tatleyn Manheimer, 45

Kirtland Central’s Peanut Dryden, 40

Aztec’s Liz Cox, 40

Piedra Vista’s Sam Harris, 40

Bloomfield’s Shaylee Charley, 35

Aztec’s Trinity Pollack, 33


Aztec’s Reigan Weaver, 194

Piedra Vista’s Bailey Rasmussen, 143

Aztec’s Hailey Funk, 86

Aztec’s Shantell Evans, 83

Piedra Vista’s Kacee Moore, 72

Piedra Vista’s Blaize Bingham, 66

Farmington’s JJ Curry, 66


Piedra Vista’s Sam Harris, 666

Farmington’s Kailey Becenti, 612

Kirtland Central’s Peanut Dryden, 446


Aztec’s Liz Cox, 304

Farmington’s Mikaila Dart, 293

Farmington’s Alyssa Simmons, 268

Aztec’s Jaylynn Nakai, 239

Farmington’s Bergen Campbell, 234

Bloomfield’s Halle Payne, 207

Kirtland Central’s Peanut Dryden, 199

Farmington’s Kailey Becenti, 196

Piedra Vista’s Bailey Rasmussen, 171