Live football updates: Farmington defeats PV 55-0, while Bloomfield tops Aztec 40-0

Farmington Daily Times

Football final: Bloomfield 40, Aztec 0

Farmington 55, Piedra Vista 0

8:24 p.m.: Farmington scores another touchdown, game over. FHS defeats PV 55-0 with 9:45 left in third quarter.

8:21 p.m.: Farmington recovers a fumble, 10;44 left in third quarter.

7:59 End of first half, Farmington 49, Piedra Vista 0

7:56 Farmington up 49-0, one more point ends the game via mercy rule

7:44 Scorpions lead by 42

7:38 Farmington up by 35

End Of First Quarter, Farmington 28, Piedra Vista 0

7:34 PV offense staggers

7:28 Farmington leads by four scores

7:19 PV can't catch a break

7:18 Farmington up by 21

7:15 Farmington takes 2 score lead

7:11 Farmington stops PV

7:07 Farmington gets on board

6:53 p.m.: Piedra Vista won the coin toss, but deferred. Farmington will receive the opening kickoff.

6 p.m.: Only one hour until kickoff tonight at Hutchison Stadium in Farmington.

Visit throughout the evening for continuing live updates, as well as the latest updates on the Aztec-Bloomfield game.

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