Farmington's Caleb Carrillo frustrated by rough day in the pocket against Deming

Matt Hollinshead,

FARMINGTON — Emotions set in as Caleb Carrillo sat in the locker room, trying to process how Deming halted Farmington’s stellar 2019 campaign today.

The Scorpions quarterback had a rough 5A state quarterfinals outing in the pocket.

Deming’s defensive front kept coming after Carrillo. He zig-zagged, turned, rolled right and left trying to find receivers and get rid of the ball somehow.

Carrillo was sacked and knocked down multiple times.

The pressure came point-blank, from the back sides and from the outer edges.

“It was tough,” Carrillo said. “As the leader of the team, I expect to make plays, make stuff happen for my team. And unfortunately, I did not do that.”

Deming was constantly breathing down Carrillo’s neck.

“They were fast, and we weren’t expecting that," Carrillo said. "They did a lot of new (formation) combos. We haven’t been practicing (to face) that, which is our fault. (Deming’s) game plan was to get to me no matter what. They would have one guy on me all the time.”

As the game progressed, and as he kept taking a beating, Carrillo tried to maintain calm for his troops and keep hope alive.

He did that with a 16-yard touchdown pass to Max Montoya as time expired in the first half.

But the pressure kept coming, and Deming kept making Carrillo’s day difficult.

“Being the quarterback, I have the pressure on my shoulders. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do enough for the team to win,” Carrillo said.

Carrillo said it was particularly frustrating to see Farmington score just 14 points, considering the Scorpions offense averaged 44.7 points a game going in.

After Deming eliminated Farmington from the 2018 playoffs, Carrillo wanted payback.

The fact Deming came through victorious yet again didn’t sit well with Carrillo, at all.

“It sucks,” Carrillo said.

Farmington's Caleb Carrillo rolls right against Deming during Saturday's 5A state football quarterfinals at Hutchison Stadium in Farmington.

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