Skyhawks unable to withstand Mavs' interior blitzes

Matt Hollinshead,

NEWCOMB — The interior blitzes kept on coming, and the Newcomb Skyhawks could do very little to stop that in today’s 54-20 homecoming loss against Lordsburg.

The linemen were outmatched trying to fend off Lordsburg’s defensive front, who kept pushing their way to the pocket.

That resulted in multiple hurried plays, tipped balls, an all-around rough day.

“The line didn’t know how to go against the blitz, and we didn’t have good communication,” left guard Brandon Wilson said. “They were moving around. They kept tricking us. It was pretty frustrating.”

The Skyhawks’ first two drives alone were just the beginning.

On the first one, quarterback Deondre Begay got leveled as he got rid of the ball, which was tipped and fell into the hands of Lordsburg’s Cody McCants. McCants took it to the house for a 55-yard pick-6.

On the second drive, the blitz came in through the middle, and Begay was sacked.

“It was real tough,” Begay said. “The linemen, they forgot what to do. For us in the backfield, we forgot what to do when a blitz comes. We weren’t in the right mindset when that hit us. (Lordsburg) fought through the linemen real hard. They gave us a real run.”

The pressure Lordsburg brought didn’t wither, even in the red zone.

Newcomb had a golden opportunity to get a quick touchdown on the board, and then Begay saw the interior blitz coming. He slung it down the middle to the goal line, but Lordsburg’s Derek Gonzales picked it off.

“They’re physical up front. They flat-out beat us. That’s all there is to it,” coach Eric Stovall said. “They kept bringing pressure, and they did a good job of shooting the gaps and getting after us.”

The Newcomb offense went nowhere, and the defense eventually wore down.

The blitz didn't let up, and the game quickly got out of hand.

Newcomb's Deondre Begay tries to jump over Lordsburg defenders during Saturday's football game at Skyhawk Stadium in Newcomb.
Newcomb's Deontay Begay looks to push past Lordsburg's Izayah Placencia (10) during Saturday's football game at Skyhawk Stadium in Newcomb.
Newcomb's Sean King breaks free for some yards after a catch against Lordsburg during Saturday's football game at Skyhawk Stadium in Newcomb.

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