Changes have led Broncos to three straight victories


KIRTLAND — The Kirtland Central football team has spent the last three weeks running over its foes, all because of two dramatic changes.

The Broncos discontinued the three-back diamond formation in their spread offense, instead sticking with a single-back or double-back approach.

“It helps on multiple levels. More guys feel important in the offense,” coach Greg Jenks said.

Jenks said the new offense gets more players extra touches and emphasizes better timing with run and pass plays. Kirtland also is placing a greater emphasis on its run-blocking schemes up front to ensure the skill players have more open space to work with.

“Our fly routes, our bubble routes and our out routes have been great,” running back Cadan Flack said.

The defense is also getting key stops on first down, often surrendering 3 yards or fewer. That is leading to plenty of three-and-outs for the opposition and setting up good field position for Bronco offense.

The extra pressure up front is forcing opponents to rush more as it tries to move downfield, and the KC secondary is ready to knock down passes or come up with takeaways.

“It all correlates to each other,” said strong safety Ty Jenks, who scored on a 55-yard pick-six last week at Farmington. “When everybody’s doing their job, everything just kind of falls into place.”

During its three-game win streak, Kirtland (3-3) has outscored its opponents 97-20.

The Broncos are enjoying their bye week, but they look to prolonging their win streak in their Class 4A clash next week at Moriarty.

“We have a really strong energy right now, and it’s going to keep on rolling,” Flack said.

Matt Hollinshead covers sports for the Daily Times. He can be reached at 505-564-4577.