Bloomfield’s defense wreaking havoc up front

Matt Hollinshead,
Bloomfield defensive end Aaron Tamporello (13) penetrates through the line of scrimmage during Monday's practice at Bobcat Stadium. Bloomfield's defense has allowed just 27 total points in the first two games of 2018.

BLOOMFIELD — Bloomfield’s defensive front is constantly swarming the pocket, making life difficult for opposing linemen the last couple weeks.

“The defense has played extremely well. We’ve caused multiple turnovers. More than anything, we’re getting to the ball with numbers, and then kids are flying to the ball,” coach Bob Allcorn said. “They’re playing aggressive. We’re hitting gaps. We are getting turnovers and causing problems for the (opposing) offense. We give (our offense) the ball back in good places.”

The Bobcats’ defensive line possesses good speed from the edges, easily closing in on quarterbacks left and right.

The linebackers also push up and roam freely around the box to make quick tackles.

“It’s nice just to see (the defense) fly around and hit. They can just beat (opponents) off the line,” middle linebacker Angelo Atencio said, adding Bloomfield lacked that killer instinct on defense the last two seasons. “It’s nice to see the defense have the mentality of wanting to hit and wanting to get there. (Opponents) don’t know what to do because we’re just non-stop getting after them.”

That’s where Bloomfield, which has surrendered just 27 total points in its first two games, creates double-trouble: should opposing backs get past one blockade, a second is waiting for them.

Allcorn said Bloomfield (2-0) hasn’t had to worry about dropping back into pass coverage because of the ongoing pressure being applied bolting past the line of scrimmage.

Bloomfield’s already generated 28 tackles for lost yards in its first two games. The Bobcats also recovered three fumbles against Escalante, including one where outside linebacker Kenyon Mosley stripped the ball on a handoff exchange and went 27 yards the other way for a touchdown.

“We’re doing a good job reading the run off the line keys, seeing through seams and getting the run-throughs,” Allcorn said.

As Bloomfield gets into the thick of the season, starting with Friday’s home game against St. Michael’s, the defense is determined to keep that motor running and force foes to rush plays on the field.

“We’ve got to stay low, use our quickness and speed where we can, and also trust in our reads. If we can do those things, we’ll be in good shape,” Allcorn said. “We’ve pretty much got speed all over.”

Matt Hollinshead covers sports for the Daily Times. He can be reached at 505-564-4577.