Bobcats' transition game now in full force

Matt Hollinshead,
Bloomfield's Lanay Gutierrez comes up with a steal after intercepting the ball in the inner-right passing lane during the Lady Bobcats' practice against the Bloomfield boys' C-Team Monday at Bobcat Gym.

BLOOMFIELD – The Bloomfield Lady Bobcats are off and running in transition after polishing up a couple important things.

Bloomfield (13-3) is making cleaner passes on the fast break, which is in turn helping players do more damage going to the basket.

The Bobcats are also more proactive staying on opposing shooters, eventually getting their hands on the basketball to help set up more frequent fast-break scoring chances.

“We want to keep our hands in the passing lane, and we want to move our feet,” coach Tom Adair said. “We never stop our feet. (We) keep sight of that, keep sight of the ball.”

Senior guard Sierra Ortiz said the Bobcats are doing a better job of anticipating where and how far the ball travels on the floor.

“When the pass is made, our feet should be moving. Instead of just being flat-footed, we should always be ready for the pass,” Ortiz said.

During the first few weeks of the season, Bloomfield committed one too many turnovers after struggling to hold on to it while in transition. Those moments seemed to accumulate when games got tight.

“(Players) would just let it sit on them,” Ortiz said.

It’s been a different story in recent games, however.

“In crucial situations, (turnovers) are next to nil. We’re taking care of the ball, especially when it’s a chance to end the game,” Adair said. “We’re doing a good job finishing with our layups and open shots.”

Despite committing multiple turnovers in last weekend’s Hope Christian Invitational, Bloomfield made up for it by forcing multiple turnovers. That, of course, led to additional scoring chances.

Ortiz said players pursued the ball instead of just waiting for it to come to them.

When Bloomfield’s on top of things with its transition game, Adair and players are confident they’re as tough as anyone in the state.

“Our confidence level has just gone up a lot more,” Ortiz said, adding BHS is constantly looking for open teammates and setting up good screens to ensure they take good shots.

Matt Hollinshead covers sports for the Daily Times. He can be reached at 505-564-4577.