Piedra Vista marksman signs with UTEP rifle team

Amoret McCartney will rejoin ex-teammate Josephine John

Matt Hollinshead, mhollinshead@daily-times.com
Piedra Vista's Amoret McCartney signs her national letter of intent on Tuesday to continue her career with UTEP's women's rifle program.

FARMINGTON — Piedra Vista's Amoret McCartney has developed a great sense of calm in high-pressure .22-caliber rifle match situations, making her a polished competitor.

She hopes to put that skill to good use to help the University of Texas-El Paso women's rifle program during her college career.

"Match pressure is definitely something that can get to some shooters, so it's nice whenever you can establish (dealing with) match pressure and keep it consistent," said McCartney, who signed with the NCAA Division I Miners today via partial athletic and academic scholarships. "I've actually performed in a lot more matches, which kind of adapts your match pressure skills. It does go back to being able to contain your mental state while you're shooting."

McCartney said UTEP was looking for extra .22-caliber marksmen, commonly known as small-bore marksmen, as well as high-percentage shooters. That made McCartney a good fit for the program. She has contributed to PV as a small-bore marksmen since her eighth-grade season, which may put her in a position to help UTEP immediately.

"A lot of shooters who start (as) air (rifle marksmen) can't maintain that accuracy (using) .22 (rifles). Since I started (with) .22, it's a big benefit that I have," McCartney said.

McCartney will reunite at UTEP with former PV teammate Josephine John.

"I'm excited to see her again. We've kept in touch," McCartney said.

McCartney said she wants to keep improving on staying calm at all times, even after one slight miss may prevent a perfect score.

"You'll look down (at) the screen and be like, 'That shot might not have been great, but the next one can be,' " McCartney said.

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