Connie Mack World Series team capsules

The Daily Times staff
The Midland Redskins celebrate their victory over the Danville Hoots after the championship game of the Connie Mack World Series on  Aug. 6, at Ricketts Park in Farmington. The Redskins eye back-to-back CMWS titles this year.

Farmington Fuel

After 14 long years of existence, the Fuel finally won the City Tournament and punched its ticket to the CMWS. The Fuel will be this year’s host team.

The Fuel was on the cusp of getting a qualifying bid in 2017, but blew a 4-1 lead against the ClubSox in the 2017 City Tournament finals and lost 5-4.

Driven by that fateful night all summer long, the Fuel, coached by Kim Carpenter, beat Flat Bill in the City Tournament finals. The Fuel’s bid also marks the first time in CMWS history that two Farmington teams will play in the annual tournament.


No. 3 Bradon Zastrow, LHP/CF; No. 4 Jac Cordova, RHP; No. 5 Cameron Stevenson, SS/OF; No. 7 Danny Carpenter, 2B/RHP; No. 8 Dawson Merryman, RHP; No. 9 Dylan Begay, RHP/OF; No. 10 Isaiah Jaramillo, RHP/OF/DH; No. 11 Ian Kee, 1B/RHP/RF; No. 12 Evan Kowalski, RHP; No. 13 Marcus Maldonado, 1B/3B/RHP; No. 14 Mario Deschilly, 1B; No. 15 Genner Cervantes, SS/RHP; No. 16 Aarwin Chee, LHP; No. 19 Peyten Kennard, RHP/C; No. 20 Lane Hagstrom, RHP/OF; No. 22 Joseph Mihelich, C; No. 23 Cade Acrey, RHP/OF; No. 25 Ty Jordan, LHP; No. 51 Bobby Roberts, 1B/LHP/OF; No. 77 Elijah Attson, RHP; No. 96 Nathan Jessell, 3B

4-Corners ClubSox

After winning the Mountain West Regional tournament in Cheyenne, Wyoming, the ClubSox earned a CMWS bid. 

The ClubSox, coached by Mike McGaha, will play on the big stage in front of the hometown of Farmington for the third time in four years.


No. 2 Alex Kuhn, RHP/OF; No. 3 Jarrett Graham, 1B/RHP; No. 5 Gavin Mestas, 3B/RHP; No. 6 Cody McGaha, IF/RHP; No. 7 Deylan Pigford, RHP/OF; No. 8 Matt Swarts, OF; No. 9 Emilio Pardo, IF; No. 10 Nate Swarts, RHP/OF; No. 11 Isaiah Gamboa, IF/RHP; No. 12 Hunter Roquemore, IF/DH; No. 13 Tyler Hardwick, RHP/OF; No. 14 Clayton Price, RHP; No. 16 Trent Kiraly, RHP/C; No. 17 Drew Price, 1B/RHP; No. 18 Treston Shallenberger, IF/RHP; No. 19 Thomas Wizeneski, Jr., OF; No. 20 Elijah Gamboa, RHP/C; No. 21 Jadrian Martinez, 1B/LHP; No. 22 Kyler Duggins, LHP; No. 23 Matt Bailey, RHP/CF; No. 24 Tyler Ruetschie, RHP; No. 27 Tyler Boggs, C; No. 28 Peyton Hutson, RHP; No. 29 Dalton Thatcher, IF/RHP

Colton Nighthawks

The Nighthawks, hailing from Colton, California, qualified for the CMWS for the second time in the last three years after winning this year’s Arizona National Qualifier. This also will be their second CMWS appearance in program history.

Coach Ruben Montano has spent the last 22 years at the helm.


No. 1 Kevin Lyons, IF/RHP; No. 2 Jake Jarvis, 1B/OF; No. 3 Kenny Kim, RHP/OF; No. 4 James Arakawa, IF; No. 5 Tyler Baca, OF; No. 6 Dane Nakatsuka, OF; No. 8 Roberto Brodell, RHP; No. 10 Brody Evans, RHP; No. 12 Dylan Konoho, 1B/OF; No. 18 Jonathan Ho, 1B/C; No. 20 Tyler Kelly IF/OF; No. 23 Damien Sanchez, IF; No. 24 Jesse Holguin, IF; No. 25 Alec Arnone, 3B/RHP/C; No. 26 Ulises Caballero, OF; No. 27 Gabe Ramos, 1B/LHP/OF; No. 30 Isaac Mendez, RHP; No. 34 Bradley Chesterton, 3B/C; No. 40 Matt Henry, LHP; No. 45 Jimmy Gamboa, 1B/3B/RHP

Connecticut Bombers

The Bombers, who are from Hamden, Connecticut, will make their third straight CMWS appearance after winning the North Atlantic Regional Qualifier.

The Bombers are coached by Greg Simler.


No. 1 John Coughlin, LHP; No. 2 Tyler Heenan, 2B; No. 3 Josh Wittenberger, 3B/RHP; No. 4 Jack Milone, IF; No. 7 Javon Hernandez, OF; No. 10 Colin Blake, RHP; No. 11 Jack McDonald, 1B; No. 13 Matt Soloman, SS; No. 14 Jack Kabel, LHP; No. 15 Dennis Gamester, C; No. 17 Braydon Seaburg, OF; No. 18 Tim Zupkus, OF; No. 19 Jack DePaolo, RHP; No. 33 Luke Cianciolo, C; No. 35 Tom Cattaneo, RHP; No. 50 Ethan Day, OF

D-BAT Bonesio

Hailing from Dallas, D-BAT Bonesio has played in plenty of big tournaments in its neck of the woods. And now the program is making back-to-back CMWS appearances after clinching an automatic berth.

D-BAT Bonesio is led by coach Ryan Bonesio.


No. 1 Tanner Brooks, RHP; No. 2 Bennett Laurence, OF; No. 3 Trey Harris, CF; No. 5 Justin Karbowski, RHP; No. 6 Jorge Trevino, RHP; No. 7 Mason Carrier, 1B/OF; No. 8 Brady Ferguson, LHP; No. 9 Justin Childers, 1B/RHP; No. 11 Blake Bautz, LHP; No. 12 Rorik Maltrud, RHP; No. 13 Brock Erculiani, 1B/LHP; No. 14 Braxton Bohrofen, IF; No. 17 Diego Muniz, IF/RHP/C; No. 18 Cayden Aldridge, C; No. 19 Tristin Lively, RHP; No. 20 Kade Self, 1B/C/OF/DH; No. 23 Jaret Godman, 1B/3B/RHP; No. 27 Peyton Graham, SS; No. 32 Jacob Godman, IF/C/OF; No. 33 Connor Hughes, RHP; No. 34 Carson Rollins, 1B/LHP; No. 44 Chase Van Dyk, LHP; No. 58 Cory Didier, 1B/LHP

Dallas Tigers

The Tigers, coached by Tommy Hernandez, eye their second CMWS title in three years.

The Tigers, who will make their fourth CMWS appearance overall since 2007, were named co-champions alongside the East Cobb Yankees back in 2016. A 90-minute rain delay promoted the American Amateur Baseball Congress, which governs the tournament, to declare both teams co-champions.

The Tigers, who won this year’s Houston National Qualifier, made it to Farmington four times since 2007.


No. 2 Preston King, 2B/3B; No. 3 Jaden Woodson, 2B/SS; No. 5 Chad Ricker, 1B/3B/RHP; No. 8 Brenden Dixon, 2B/SS; No. 9 Brandon Troxler, 1B/RHP/C; No. 10 Hayden Clearman, RF; No. 11 River Ridings, LHP; No. 12 Austin King, 3B/C/LF; No. 13 Cameron Constantine, C/LF; No. 15 Timothy Wynia, RHP; No. 16 Hudson Polk, C; No. 17 Ryan Patterson, CF; No. 23 Jake Costner, LHP/RF; No. 24 Bradley Missel, RHP; No. 25 Chase Lummus, 1B/LHP; No. 30 Cole Foster, 2B/SS; No. 32 Dillon Carter, RHP/OF; No. 34 Garrett Reuben, 1B/RHP/RF; No. 35 Duke Jordan, LHP; No. 36 Jacob Meador, RHP; No. 37 John Lynch, LHP; No. 45 Hunter Marshall, RHP; No. 55 Joseph Wolf, LHP

Danville Hoots

The Hoots, who hail from Danville, California, are back in the series. Chris Declercq takes over head coach duties for longtime coach Don Johns, who retired after 27 seasons following the 2017 CMWS

After falling to the Midland Redskins in last year's championship series, the Hoots, who won this year's West Regional Qualifier, look to finally secure their first title since 2000.


No. 5 Jack Grant, SS; No. 8 Daniel Dinnerman, 2B/SS; No. 15 Taison Corio, 2B; No. 16 Connor Linchey, RHP; No. 22 Jared Amigh, CF; No. 27 Michael O’Hara, C/OF; No. 28 Josh White, RHP; No. 30 Ethan Whitson, CF; No. 32 Nick Proctor, SS; No. 33 Chris Santiago, 3B/RHP; No. 34 Ryan Costeiu, RHP; No. 35 Kyle Harrison, LHP; No. 36 Cole Silva, RHP; No. 41 Noah Stewart, 3B/OF; No. 43 Jack Snook, RHP; No. 50 Josh Giffins, RHP; No. 51 Dylan Lawlor, 1B/C; No. 52 Nick Cirelli, 1B/RHP; No. 54 Gunner Mayer, RHP/OF

Florida Legends

The Legends, who are from Miami, will make back-to-back CMWS appearances after winning this year's Miami National Qualifier. It's also their seventh appearance overall since 2007.

The Legends are coached by Carlos Marti.


No. 1 Edgardo Villegas, OF; No. 2 Wendell Marrero, OF; No. 3 Carlos Perez, C; No. 4 Yordy Cabrera, RHP; No. 5 Hianni Olivares, 1B/3B/C; No. 6 Austin Pollack, IF; No. 7 Matthew Archer, IF; No. 8 Omar Sanchez, LHP; No. 9 Jairon Rivera, RHP; No. 10 Kevin Barreneche, OF; No. 11 Christopher Bohrer, 3B/RHP; No. 12 Henry Wallen, 3B/SS; No. 13 Juan Marcano, RHP; No. 14 Edwin Sanchez, RHP; No. 16 Johzan Oquendo, RHP; No. 18 Yan Contreras, SS; No. 21 Angel Mediavilla, LHP/OF; No. 22 Jesiel Torres, RHP; No. 24 Kyle Petri, LHP; No. 29 Andy Martin, OF; No. 34 Nicholas Garcia, RHP; No. 35 Matthew Fernandez, RHP; No. 42 Yohan Canel, 3B/C; No. 57 James Montoya, RHP

Frozen Ropes-Florence 18U

Frozen Ropes, hailing from McKinney, Texas, won this year's New York National Qualifier.

Frozen Ropes' 18U team, coached by Danny Florence, returns to the CMWS for the first time since 2014.


No. 2 Travis Belz, RHP; No. 3 Ethan Mann, SS; No. 4 Kyle York, C; No. 6 Isaiah Rhodes, RHP; No. 7 Darryl Jett, CF; No. 8 Blake Jackson, CF; No. 9 Koby Ketcher, C; No. 10 Logan Kohler, IF/RHP; No. 11 Jacob Eschler, RHP; No. 12 Jack Hagan, RHP; No. 14 Chase Peterson, C; No. 15 Triston Smith, RHP; No. 16 Haeven Cichocki, IF/RHP; No. 17 Mason Meeks, RHP; No. 19 Luke Finn, 2B; No. 20 Kalen Clark, 1B; No. 21 Christian Ruebeck, 2B; No. 22 Clayton Rejebian, RHP; No. 23 Tom Hart, RHP; No. 24 Gunner Morris, RHP; No. 25 Nick Vernars, RF; No. 27 Harrison Key, RHP; No. 34 Caleb Putnam, RHP; No. 45 Jace Jung, IF

Lamorinda Baseball Club

Lamorinda, which comes from northern California, earned a Last Chance bid to the CMWS. Lamorinda is coached by Kevin Stanley.


No. 2 Nico Zeglin, 1B/RHP; No. 3 Christian Strand, 3B; No. 5 Logan Cole, IF/C; No. 10 Trent Greene, CF; No. 18 Eric Prough, IF/RHP/OF; No. 22 Connor Sullivan, RHP; No. 24 Bodhi Bolen, RHP; No. 25 Jared Hedrick, SS; No. 26 Cole Duey, RHP; No. 27 Luke Saunders, RHP/OF; No. 28 Estevan Castle, C; No. 43 Evan Tomlinson, 1B/RHP; No. 62 Aidan Lechner, C/OF; No. 99 Kirk Woolf, OF

Lonestar Baseball Club 18U Mazur

Lonestar, which is from Hutto, Texas, punched its ticket to the CMWS after winning the South Plains Regional Qualifier. Lonestar is coached by Steven Mazur.


No. 1 Miguel Torres, CF; No. 2 Grant Gaspard, RHP; No. 6 Nick Williby, RF; No. 7 Reed Beverly, LF/CF; No. 8 Mathew Sandoval, LHP/OF; No. 9 Pete D’Alessandro, 1B/3B; No. 9 Hunter Milam, LHP; No. 10 Wyatt Lawley, C/CF; No. 13 Nico Rodriguez, RHP; No. 14 AG Yowell, RHP; No. 21 Justin Taylor, C; No. 25 Austin Adair, RHP; No. 26 Isaac Lopez, SS/RHP; No. 32 Parker Guerin, 2B/SS; No. 40 Willie Burke, RHP; No. 71 Mason Weathers, SS; No. 72 Dominik Lopez, LHP; No. 73 Kellan Landstad, OF; No. 90 Logan Austin, RHP

Note: De'Alessandro and Milam both wear No. 9, according to Mazur

Midland Redskins

The Redskins, from Cincinnati, eye back-to-back CMWS titles after securing an automatic bid to the tournament. This year marks Midland's 36th CMWS appearance in program history.

The Redskins, coached by Dave Evans, return key players like Cal Conley and Farmington's own Chase Silseth.

Recent Manzano High graduate Mitchell Parker joins this year's squad.


No. 2 Tyler Finke, IF; No. 3 Evin Shawver, LHP; No. 5 Wyatt Olds, RHP; No. 6 Grant Vera, IF; No. 7 Colin Burgess, C; No. 8 Mitchell Parker, LHP; No. 9 TJ Reeves, OF; No. 10 Adam Schneider, IF; No. 11 Lane Flamm, If/RHP; No. 13 Cal Conley, IF; No. 14 Nolan Clegg, IF; No. 15 Jake Schrand, RHP; No. 17 Morgan Colopy, OF; No. 18 Jax Cash, RHP/C; No. 19 Tyler Bosma, LHP; No. 20 Zade Richardson, C; No. 21 Nick Hoffman, RHP; No. 22 John Gilreath, LHP; No. 23 Kyle Music, RHP; No. 24 Chris Mokma, RHP; No. 28 Chase Silseth, RHP; No. 34 Zach Dezenzo, IF; No. 35 Tanner O’Tremba, IF; No. 40 Sam Bachman, RHP

Nashville Knights

The Knights, who are from Nashville, will make back-to-back CMWS appearances after winning this year's Mid America Regional title.

The Knights are coached by Coby Ginsberg.


No. 2 Solomon Washington, IF/RHP; No. 3 Kaden Dreier, C; No. 4 Payton Pennington, IF; No. 5 Luke Brown, RHP; No. 6 Miller Freeman, RHP; No. 7 Cory Mason, IF/LHP/OF; No. 9 Matthew Petzelt, RHP; No. 10 Tommy Crider, C; No. 11 Josh South, RHP; No. 12 Cal Burgett, LHP; No. 15 Colton Thompson, IF/RHP; No. 16 Chris McElvain, IF/RHP; No. 21 Garrett Schultz, RHP/OF; No. 25 Shawn Wallwork, IF; No. 26 Connor Smith, RHP; No. 28 John Maynard, RHP; No. 32 Jett Jackson, RHP; No. 52 Logan Hewitt, RHP; No. 63 Hunter Davis, RHP; No. 68 Garrett Spain, OF; No. 72 Will Long, C; No. 73 Jaden Lasley, LHP; No. 88 Joel Littlepage, IF

South Troy Dodgers

The Dodgers, who are from South Troy, New York, earned an automatic bid to this year's CMWS.

The Dodgers, led by coach Kevin Rogers, will play in Farmington for the eighth time since 2000.


No. 5 Brad Hipsley, 2B/3B; No. 7 Glubis Romero, RHP; No. 8 Milton Edmonds, IF/OF; No. 11 Freddy Rojas, OF; No. 12 Derek Haughey, 1B/C; No. 13 Adam Zebrowski, 1B/RHP/C' No. 14 Andrew Marrero, RHP' No. 15 Isaiah Peace, 1B/LF; No. 18 Drew Carroll, 2B/SS/LF; No. 20 Bryce Moore, 1B/3B' No. 21 Brandon Roberts, RHP/RF; No. 22 Devin Smith, 2B/SS; No. 23 Anthony Socci, CF; No. 25 Jack Mahoney, LHP; No. 26 Price Wasula, RHP; No. 27 Liam Krasney, RHP; No. 36 Robert Olah, 1B/DH; No. 38 Arlo Marynczak, RHP; No. 40 Andrew Molnar, RP; No. 41 Kyle Lambert, RHP; No. 43 Jason Rubilotta, RHP; No. 48 Dimitri Papazoglou, LHP

Southern California Renegades

The Renegades, who are from Huntington Beach, California, earned an automatic bid to the CMWS. It will be their sixth CMWS appearance in the last seven years.

Jeff Brown has taken over for Si Pettrow as the head coach. The Renegades last won the tournament in 2012.


No. 1 Luke Chung, 2B/SS; No. 2 Nick Lopez, IF/RHP/OF; No. 3 Luke Spillane, OF; No. 4 Jordan Sprinkle, SS; No. 5 Kyle Ashworth, OF; No. 6 Steven Salazar, IF/RHP/OF; No. 7 Ryan Daugherty, 1B/LHP/OF; No. 8 Elias Jauregui, RHP; No. 9 Ramon Romo, LHP; No. 10 Austin Bartlett, 3B/OF; No. 11 Jonny Cuevas, 3B/RHP; No. 13 Keaton Carattini, IF/RHP/OF; No. 14 Peter Sanchez, LHP; No. 16 Naun Haro, LHP; No. 17 Nick Hansen, 1B/3B/DH; No. 20 Emiliano Torres, 2B/3B/SS/RHP; No. 25 Connor Brady, 1B/3B/C; No. 26 Micah Wallette, LHP; No. 29 Preston Kelly, RHP/OF; No. 31 Tiger Adams, 1B/LHP/OF; No. 32 Vincent Alvarez, RHP; No. 40 Andre Granillo, 3B/RHP/DH; No. 44 Christian Schwartz, RHP; No. 49 Collin Woodard, 1B/C/DH

Texas Stix

The Stix, who are from Grapevine, Texas, will make back-to-back CMWS appearances after winning this year's Dallas National Qualifier.

The Stix are coached by Brett Ray.


No. 1 Tad Thompson, OF/DH; No. 3 Tres Sifuentes, RHP; No. 4 Justin Ward, LHP; No. 5 Jake Smith, IF; No. 6 Matthew Cheney, LHP; No. 7 Blake Empkey, RHP/OF; No. 8 Grant Plunkett, 1B/3B/C; No. 10 Jake Ryan, LHP/OF; No. 11 Bryce Foutz, IF/RHP; No. 12 Cory Sims, RHP/OF; No. 13 Dean Lawler, IF/RHP; No. 15 Coleton Hinkle, 1B/C; No. 16 Garrett Chappell, RHP; No. 18 Will Buchholtz, 1B/3B/OF; No. 22 Chandler Arnold, RHP; No. 24 Dewain Foster, OF; No. 27 Michael Bernhardt, SS; No. 28 Jimmy Crooks, 1B/3B/C; No. 32 Ryan Hunt, OF; No. 39 David Hill, RHP; No. 40 Gehrig Mosiello, 1B/C; No. 62 Jacob Speaker, IF/RHP; No. 64 Mason Speaker, 3B/RHP/C

Wilson Sandlot

Wilson Sandlot, originally from Chandler, Arizpma, will make its inaugural CMWS appearance after winning the Don Mattingly Qualifier.

Wilson Sandlot, a 17U team, is coached by Rob Gorrell.


No. 3 Daniel Johnson, RHP/C; No. 3 Grant Gorrell, 2B/SS; No. 5 TJ Clarkson, LHP; No. 6 Rylan Dobosh, IF/RHP; No. 10 McKay Barney, CF; No. 11 Danny Marshall 1B/LHP/OF; No. 13 Holden Breeze, IF/RHP; No. 13 Andrew Calloway, 1B/LHP; No. 15 Matthew Novis, RHP/OF; No. 17 Kyle Hasler, RHP/C; No. 18 Connor Watson, 1B/3B/RHP; No. 21 Alex Palacios, 2B/3B; No. 22 Luke Hyzdu, IF/OF/RHP; No. 25 Daniel Sotelo, LHP; No. 30 Jacob Henderson, RHP; No. 30 Easton Erwin, 2B/RHP/OF; No. 31 Levi White, RHP; No. 42 Brandon Childers, 1B/RHP/DH; No. 50 Davis Heller, 1B/RHP