Renegades struggle to throw strikes in loss to D-BAT Elite

Matt Hollinshead,
SoCal's Noah Rennard delivers a pitch Thursday against the D-BAT Elite during Game 9 of the Connie Mack World Series at Ricketts Park in Farmington.
  • The Renegades used six pitchers in the game and were unhappy about how some close pitches were called.
  • Coach Si Pettrow said he kept changing pitchers and hoping the calls would go his team's way.

FARMINGTON — As the number of pitches that narrowly missed the strike zone accumulated, the SoCal Renegades’ bubbling frustrations soon boiled over.

The team's pitchers struggled to get ahead of batters in today’s 6-4 Connie Mack World Series loss to D-BAT Elite in Game 9, and the Renegades were adamant that several pitches that were, in fact, strikes were not called as such.

“We weren’t locating (pitches). All of our pitchers were throwing the ball away, weren’t hitting their spots,” reliever Emiliano Torres said. “We had a couple bad calls behind the plate, and obviously, it comes back to us.”

The Renegades went through six arms in all. Coach Si Pettrow said the frequent pitching changes transpired “more or less” because his club wasn’t getting called strikes all day. He hoped any and every change would bring some good fortune.

“We brought in another guy, hoping he’d give us a call here or there. We’re hoping the umpire would call a couple strikes, basically, with a different guy on the mound,” Pettrow said. “We didn’t get our calls, and the kids were working overtime.”


But nothing changed no matter who was on the mound for SoCal. Pettrow said strikes were still not being called for his squad, including two costly calls that went against his club when Torres was throwing.

Pitcher Noah Rennard said SoCal yielded too many walks and was further burdened by the lineup not matching up with D-BAT Elite.

“We just need guys to go out there and throw strikes. (The relievers) definitely came into the game to try to eat up outs,” Rennard said.

All the relievers could really do was limit the damage.

“It’s a little disappointing we didn’t come out on top. We had our chances and a few controversial calls, I guess you could say,” Pettrow said. “Kids came back and tried. Too bad it just happened that way.”

Matt Hollinshead covers sports for the Daily Times. He can be reached at 505-564-4577.