Emotions get best of Frackers in SMWS opener

Farmington in deep hole after losing twice on opening day

Matt Hollinshead,

JOHNSTOWN, Colo. — The Farmington Frackers are trying to practice damage control from within the dugout after their emotions got the best of them today on the first day of the Stan Musial World Series.

Mounting frustrations became Farmington’s undoing in the later innings against the Maryland Monsters, resulting in a 12-9 loss at Nelson Farm Park. Farmington then lost 9-8 against En Fuego.

The problems began when Frackers coach Jared Holley was ejected during the bottom of the third inning against Maryland. Holley argued that Farmington second baseman Parker DePasquale had made a tag in front of second base for an out, but infield umpire Brooks O’Hearn ruled DePasquale missed the tag.

“(Parker) clearly tagged him,” Holley said. “You go out there and ask (the umpire) a simple question, ‘Hey man, what’d you have on that call?’ And he just tosses you for running out there and wanting to talk to him. Whatever. It happens.”

Farmington Frackers coach Jared Holley argues with infield umpire Brooks O'Hearn over a fielding play and is ejected from Wednesday's Stan Musial World Series opener against the Maryland Monsters at Nelson Farm Park in Johnstown, Colo. Holley argued that Frackers second baseman Parker DePasquale made a tag in front of second base, but O'Hearn ruled that Frackers  DePasquale missed the tag.

Shortly afterward, with the Frackers protesting called strikes, home plate umpire Dennis Smythe warned the Farmington dugout the next person to argue a call would get tossed.

“I think they had a really short leash on us,” right fielder Tye Holliday said, adding he felt the umpires were taken aback by how loud Farmington’s dugout was.

Umpires Brooks O'Hearn and Dennis Smythe, center, and Farmington Frackers catcher Josh Glenn prevent a possible scuffle between Frackers relief pitcher Drew Marrufo and Maryland Monsters batter Rob Leon during Wednesday's Stan Musial World Series opener at Nelson Farm Park in Johnstown, Colo. Marrufo's pitch hit Leon.

Later on, Holliday thought he a beat to throw to first base and did a front-flip after touching the bag. He was called out and spent a moment afterward barking at O’Hearn. O’Hearn looked back at the dugout at least twice, but did not eject Holliday.

“I did get a little emotional, and that is my fault. We can’t let anything affect us. We lost that game,” Holliday said. “We need to chill out and play the game.”

In the end, the frustration over how things were unfolding was Farmington’s downfall. The Frackers led 9-6 entering the bottom of the sixth versus Maryland, but surrendered that lead.

Now in a 0-2 hole in the tournament, the Frackers, who will face the Northern Colorado Roughnecks Collegiate team at 4:30 p.m. Thursday, look to keep their emotions in check.

“That’s going to be the big point of the next games that we play here,” Holley said. “We’re a good ball team, and we should be playing better baseball here to come.”

In order to have a chance at repeating as SMWS champions, Farmington (31-3) will have to win out the rest of pool play and get some outside help from other teams.

Matt Hollinshead covers sports for the Daily Times. He can be reached at 505-565-4577.