Commentary: Frackers’ scoring outbursts now child’s play

Matt Hollinshead,
Fracker's Karl Keorper takes third base, Thursday, June 14, 2018 during the Frackers game against the California Jays at Ricketts Park in Farmington.

FARMINGTON – The Farmington Frackers are making it awfully easy to put up these absurdly high numbers on the scoreboard. It’s become child’s play, actually.

One minute, a sharp liner to shallow left-center gives two baserunners plenty of time to cross home plate. The next minute, someone scores off a passed ball at home or when an opposing infielder bobbles the ball trying to set up the quick routine toss over to second base.

And just when things start getting out of control, the runs just keep coming.

Extra-base hits drive in multiple runs at a time. Additional passed balls surface. And yet another botched play leads to a delayed throw, or no attempt at all, which in turns leads to another run coming in.

At least a good several runs come from extra-base hits alone, while another several runs come off of passed balls or delayed reactions.

A 3-2 ball game quickly evolves into a 7-2 game, just like that.

Then come the crazy and unexpected, such as Marquise Glenn’s inside-the-park home run and Tye Holliday’s grand slam over the left field wall, both of which transpired on Thursday.

And even if it may take them an inning or two to get the motor running, it’s bound to happen without anyone breaking a sweat.

The exact sequences of events may alter game to game, but it’s a constant cycle, and Farmington has the speed to pull it off.

That extra speed gives Farmington so much freedom to easily bail itself out of a tough inning. The Frackers can breathe and stay in control, start to finish.

That extra speed enables them to capitalize on the small things and jump on foes that way, every time. And those small things are making it look so easy for Farmington to generate runs.

It truly is child’s play, and that’s what makes Farmington’s lineup potentially more deadly this summer.

Matt Hollinshead covers sports for the Daily Times. He can be reached at 505-564-4577.