Frackers shaking off rust

Matt Hollinshead, The Daily Times
The Frackers' Dominic DeMarco hits a solo home run in the first inning against the ClubSox in Thursday's exhibition game at Worley Field.

FARMINGTON — There was a hidden bonus for the Farmington Frackers to get a quick exhibition game in.

They played in just their third game since July 9 on Thursday, and used a 12-7 exhibition win against the 4-C ClubSox to shake off any rust from the limited action.

The Frackers won six combined games against Post 13 American and Post 13 National from July 4-9. They also played in a scrimmage last Saturday, but it got rained out after three innings.

The Frackers departed for Seattle today for the Stan Musial World Series, which runs from July 23-29.

"We're pretty locked in. We've got a good group of guys, and we're ready to take Seattle head on," said second baseman Matt Martin, a 2014 Piedra Vista graduate. "We're all looking forward to it. We're all excited to get some good competition in."

It was apparent the Frackers had to get back into the routine of playing in a live game.

"I just got a little frustrated with not throwing strikes and all that. I felt comfortable in the bullpen, but it just didn't come out in the field," said pitcher Jalen Nakai, a 2013 Kirtland Central grad.

The Frackers' rust went beyond the mound.

The infield sometimes misjudged how far quick choppers would go, or how far players had to move over to snag the ball. On one occasion, one player fell back on his rear end when back-pedaling to field the ball.

Martin said the Frackers are trying to clean up the fielding errors.

"We've just got to make the routine out when it presents itself," Martin said.

The Frackers defeat the Club Sox 12-7 in Thursday's exhibition game at Worley Field.

Although they struggled to build and maintain a big lead, the Frackers pulled out a 12-7 victory.

Nakai said it was good for the team to get its momentum back up.

"We've just got to keep our high tempo and just keep going at it," he said.

Martin said he'd like to see the lineup keep getting its lead-off hitters on base and move them over.

"Of course, you want to get the lead-off guy on because it's a higher percentage to score," Martin said. "Once you see some guys square the pitcher up, you're like 'OK, I'm going to do that.' It gives more confidence for the guy behind you." 

Matt Hollinshead covers sports for the Daily Times. He can be reached at 505-564-4577.