Collegiate league team coming to Farmington

The Farmington Frackers will take the field at Ricketts Park this summer, competing in a collegiate league with teams from California, Arizona and Nevada

Karl Schneider
  • The Frackers will play 35 home games from June 1 through July 9.
  • The team will field a 30-player roster made up of college players from around the Southwest.
  • The Frackers hope to name a head coach by the end of the week.

FARMINGTON — Baseball fans will have another reason to frequent Ricketts Park this summer when the Farmington Frackers take the field for their inaugural season.

The Farmington Frackers baseball team will begin play this summer in the Stan Musial division of the American Amateur Baseball Congress.

The Frackers will be a new baseball team made up of college-age players from around the Southwest and will be registered with the Stan Musial division of the American Amateur Baseball Congress.

"I'm really excited about it," AABC president Richard Neely said. "It's going to bring a great level of baseball that's a step up from the Connie Mack World Series. Farmington fans appreciate good baseball, and I think it's going to be a very positive thing."

The Frackers won't have to travel outside of Farmington for their regular-season games, playing 35 home games against teams from California, Arizona and Nevada. The season will run from June 1 through July 9, and the team will play in the Stan Musial World Series at the end of July in Seattle.

The Farmington Frackers will play all their regular-season games at Ricketts Park this summer before heading to Seattle for the Stand Musial World Series.

The team is still being put together, and Neely hopes to name a head coach by the end of the week, saying it will "definitely be one of the head assistants from one of the major (NCAA) Division I schools in New Mexico."

A 30-player roster likely will be finalized in the next 30 days, and Neely said there will "hopefully be a minimum of four Farmington kids on the roster."

Neely said he and others involved in organizing the team have been in contact with several coaches about having their players join the Frackers. He said their efforts have been greeted with enthusiasm about the chances of keeping players closer to their schools in the Southwest.

"A lot of the area D I coaches I've talked to are very excited because they can keep their players at home (in the Southwest) versus going to the Jayhawk or the Cape Cod leagues," Neely said, citing other collegiate summer baseball leagues.

Along with high-quality baseball, the team and league will feature other attractions to keep fans involved and entertained.

"The collegiate league will be run very similar to a minor-league team. Almost every game, we'll have different events," Neely said. "We're trying to incorporate a lot of events. We want to create something for Farmington because we need more activities here."

Karl Schneider is the sports editor for The Daily Times. He can be reached at 505-564-4648.