Shiprock's Jennifer Zahne continues recent rise, up another four spots at Dine' Bikeyah

Matt Hollinshead,

FARMINGTON — Shiprock’s Jennifer Zahne is continuing her recent rise up the Race Across Dine’ Bikeyah competitive run leaderboard.

Zahne ascended another four spots to No. 20 overall after four stages. Zahne clocked a time of nine hours, 43 minutes and 59 seconds during the fourth stage, which from Monument Valley, Utah to Teec Nos Pos, Arizona. That stretch spanned 60 miles over 12 days.

Zahne enters the fifth stage, which begins Thursday, with an accumulative time of 42:09:23. The fifth stage will start in Teec Nos Pos and end in Shiprock, spanning 45 miles over eight days.

Bloomfield’s Cecilia Brady, who clocked in at 10:41:48 during stage four, moved up one spot to No. 21 overall.

Cody Slim of Kaibeto, Arizona still sits atop the entire leaderboard, male or female, recording an accumulative time of 26:36:39 after four stages. 

Gallup’s Verna Watchman (34:04:07 after four stages) leads all female participants in the competitive run and is in ninth place overall.

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