Farmington Public Library opens annual book sale

Hannah Grover The Daily Times
The Daily Times

FARMINGTON — People from around San Juan County stopped by the Farmington Public Library on Saturday to purchase books during the library foundation's fundraiser.

The book sale included more than 800 boxes of books spread out on a series of tables. The sale will continue through Wednesday.

"Every book needs a good home," library director Karen McPheeters said as she rushed about assisting people who were looking for books.

The majority of the books were donated, but some came from thinning the library's collection. Program coordinator Jenny Lee Ryan explained that the library will get lots of copies of popular books like the "Harry Potter" series. As the books decline in popularity, the library sells them to make way for other books, like the popular "Hunger Games" series.

The books for sale include all genres.

"It's just a wide variety," Ryan said. "There's something for everyone."

She said the children's books are usually the first to go.

Those were the books Shea Adams, a Country Club Elementary School teacher, was searching for on Saturday as she rifled through the stacks.

The book sale helps Adams not only get new books for her classroom, but also buy books for her children.

"You can get such a great deal on books," she said.

Hardcover books cost $1, while paperbacks are 50 cents and magazines are free.

Because the books aren't sorted, finding the ones people want can be an adventure.

"It's like a lovely little treasure hunt," Ryan said.

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