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How I would change the world

If I can change the world, I would try to make everyone friends —

even the ones who are bad. I will try to change them to be good.

And if there are less trees and plants in an area, I will plant some. If there is a ghost town, I will start planting and building one or two new houses. I will fix broken buildings and make them pretty again, so people can live there.

If people are hurt, I will help them feel better. I will also clean the earth and pick up stuff from the river.

This is how I would change the world and make it a better place. And I will do much more if I find things wrong.

Pearl Patel

4th Grader

McKinley Elementary

Thanks to firefighters for a great job 

This letter is to acknowledge the amazing job done by our San Juan County and Farmington firefighters, and to express our gratitude for their willingness to risk their lives to save the lives and property of others.

On Saturday, July 10, a huge fire swept across the thick brush and vegetation of La Plata valley from near the river toward Highway 170. Our homes and the homes of neighbors were dangerously threatened — and only the courage and expert response of firefighters saved the destruction of these dwellings.

These people were willing to fight a wall of fire and sweltering flames blazing 50 feet into the smoke-filled sky. With brave hearts and capable hands, firefighters battled these scorching conditions until the fire was contained.

Our most sincere gratitude is extended also to those who came during the next several days to make sure smolders would not again burst into flame. Personnel came from all around the state and beyond, working not only to ensure no further treat of fire, but also, thanks to workers from the U.S. Forest Service, to limit further dame to vegetation and grounds.

The courage and know-how of all these people have been inspirational; we are forever in their debt and offer our sincere thanks.

Paul and Jeany Overman and Geney Stan

La Plata residents


It's disappointing when a local Songwriter can be selected to perform as a Rising Star Songwriter at the growing Red Lodge Songwriter Festival in Montana and then come back home and win a Songwriting award at the 34th annual New Mexico Music Awards in Albuquerque for the Best Western Song category, only to get dismissed by the award winning Daily-Times.  

So now I read about the Daily-Times winning awards given out by the NNMF and they seem to get attention in the local news. It just doesn't seem right!!   

Gabriel Lucero


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