Letters to the Editor

John R. Moses
Farmington Daily Times

It took an act of Congress

I have been privileged to accompany Tweeti and Linn Blancett in several meetings with local BLM staff during the past 26 years they have been pursuing resolution to a survey issue. In 1995 a state-line survey took 19.5 acres off previous surveys (dating back to 1880) from the original homestead property that is part of their farm and ranch north of Aztec, NM. 

This long, narrow, triangular shape of land lies right underneath the bluffs, partly encompasses the ditch and land that has always been farmed, and even runs through their house. 

Over 30 studies exist on this slice of property that has had 3 different appraisals and thousands and thousands of pages of documentation logged. 

It literally took an act by Congress to get anything resolved. The Blancett’s worked tirelessly for years with other families with similar predicaments, until finally in 2015, Congress passed a bill directing BLM to let these families finally come to closure on their land issues. 

The Blancett’s have always offered to purchase this property which they had assumed was theirs from the beginning of their ownership and have bent over backwards to provide timely information as requested and have piles of 3 ring notebooks filled with their work to protect their land.

I have been in meetings where they were promised quick resolution by BLM officials time and time again, only to have nothing happen. Even after directed by Congress, 6 years have gone by with long stretches of time with no action taken by BLM. 

Over the years it appears this has been politically motivated. Now they are on the front page of the paper, when other entities with similar issues are duly noted in the required classified public announcements. I wonder why?

The blatant mismanagement of this issue has gone on long enough. Allow the Blancett’s to purchase their land and be done with this debacle.

Kathy Price


Exciting times

On April 4, 2021, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints held one of its semi-annual General Conferences. A meeting broadcasted to the world in which leaders of the Church, who are considered Prophets, Apostles, Seers and Revelators by the members of the church, give discourses on Jesus Christ and His teaching. 

During the last talk of the Sunday afternoon session of the conference, the leader of the Church, President Russell M. Nelson, made an exciting announcement. Twenty new Temples were announced to be built across the world. One of them was announced to be built here in Farmington, New Mexico.

The members of the Church here in Farmington and the surrounding area were over joyed at hearing the news. Temples are special to members of the Church of Jesus Christ, and differ from regular church buildings that you can find throughout San Juan county. Everyone is invited to come and attend Sunday church services, but in the temple, only worthy members of the Church can attend it's meetings. The reason for this deeply personal, spiritual, and sacred. Only in the temple can members of the Church of Jesus Christ, preform ordinances or promises made between them and God with the purpose to form an eternal family. In other words the promise that you will remain a family even after death. 

Before this announcement the members of the Church in the Four Corners area had to travel to Albuquerque, or Monticello, Utah, or farther. Which is why many of them had been waiting years for this, while we do not know all of the details yet, like where exactly it will be built and when it will be opened.

Members of the Church Invite everyone to learn more about their beliefs and the temple. You can do this by going to churchofjesuschrist.org, asking a friend who is a member of the Church or contacting local missionaries who will be willing to answer any of your questions. 

Joseph Gillen 


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