Letters to the Editor, Feb. 22, 2019

John R. Moses
Farmington Daily Times
Letters to the Editor

Gun laws don’t address criminal behavior

Our Democratic leaders are about to pass laws under the guise of gun safety that are nothing more than an invitation to all would be mass shooters to, "please come shoot our kids". 

There are two things that we know for certain. The majority of mass shootings take place in gun free zones and concealed carry laws reduce violent crime every time they are enacted. So why is it that our leaders continue to push for laws that make it easier for criminals and mass shooters to prey on our kids?

Every single state that has passed shall issue concealed carry law has seen a decrease in violent crime. EVERY SINGLE STATE! In contrast cities that pass “common sense” gun control laws very quickly experienced an increase in murder and violent crime. It’s not rocket science. Criminals don’t want to get shot so they avoid protected citizens.

A gun free zone sign is nothing more than an invitation telling bad guys, "please come kill us, there will be no one here to stop you". Now we are going to make it illegal for qualified teachers to have a gun to protect our kids. Once more, that’s just an invitation saying, there will be no one here to stop you. Some of these idiots even want to make it illegal for police to have guns in schools. 

If a teacher has a concealed carry permit and is willing to keep a gun in class, we should encourage that. They can easily keep the gun locked up where only their fingerprints can open the vault. They don’t even need to be qualified or even competent with the gun. All we have to do is say “we allow our teachers to be armed” and mass shooters go elsewhere. It works every time it’s tried.

There is also the “feel free to invade my home because my guns are locked up” law. None of these new laws address criminal behavior, not one. They only make us less safe from crime. It’s almost like they want to see an increase in gun violence. 

Jim Willems


Against gun rights sanctuary resolution

I am aghast to read about the possible "sanctuary county" resolution being considered here. 

I realize that I am probably way outnumbered here on my views about gun ownership and gun regulations, but this simply asinine. Guns kill innocent people every single day, especially when in the hands of people who are untrained. Even training does not does not guarantee safety and the proper use of weapons.

And to not require that guns be locked up when not being used? That is the height of recklessness and stupidity. 

I often heard people I worked with talking about buying and storing weapons and ammunition and not registering those weapons when Obama became president, which I simply marveled at. Only gun owners and members of the NRA are allowed to be law breakers, I guess. 

Shame on anyone who supports such a ridiculous and outrageous proposition. I will be sure to not vote for anyone who has put this forward for consideration.

Kathleen Boyce