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Letters to the Editor

Coal and climate change

At the risk of being ostracized by certain candidates after Nov. 6, I say my piece. One of the greatest ongoing debates is “burn more coal or protect the environment.” 

The workers facing power plant and coal mine shutdown are burdened with an uncertain future, the possibility of no regular paycheck to take care of the family.  

Their preference to have the plant and mine continue operating is understandable. It is understandable that certain politicians rally to their cause to protect jobs and the revenue from these industries. 

The unfortunate follow through is dig more coal, burn more coal. Burning coal is proven to be a cause of climate change. 

As parents and grandparents we have the greatest hopes for the bright eyed innocent little ones in all our families, that hope we have for our children is our common ground regardless of our positions on the debate. 

We must consider our priorities today if we want to assure that our coming generations have a decent opportunity for a comfortable survival. 

I voted for candidates that have the courage to say we must cut back on burning coal and seek alternatives for energy and that paycheck. 

We must consider what our grandchildren will say about us in the future when they discuss what we did to them or what we did for them.

Duane Chili Yazzie


A great visit

I would like to thank the firemen who came to Kids Corner Learning Center. Captain Jason Appleton, Engineer Mike Berardini, and Firefighter Johnny Colomb.

Our curriculum week was "Better Watch Out". The firemen came to help our 2-, 3-, and 4-year-olds. It is so important that if our children are in a fire of any kind that they will not be afraid of the firemen who are there to save their lives.

These men did an awesome job and the children had fun; they crawled on the floor, so the children would know how to avoid a smoking room. They also talked about the Stop Drop and Roll routine.

Fireman Johnny dressed up in his full uniform and explained each piece as he put it on, also explaining to the children that he remains the same person the entire time just he only has on different clothing which protects him against any fire. Therefore the children are not afraid of him.

We had two children who were frightened when the firemen came in, but by the time the firemen left one of the children, who was a little girl, walked up to the fireman and talked with him instead of screaming.

We also had a police officer named Officer Decker who came and helped us practice a Preventative Lockdown. We are very blessed to live in a good community where we love and care for each other.

Once again, thank you to the firemen and police officers who have taken time out of their day to help our children.

Nancy Jones, Director

Kids Corner Learning Center


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