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Design Brookside for adults and children

After I recently attended the meeting on the proposed Brookside Poll designs on Feb. 20, one can only come to the conclusion that the new facility should be designed for all (adults and children) to use in the first phase of construction, as there is NO guarantee that phase two design plans will occur.

In reviewing the design plans, Option 2 has no adult swimming. The following two options, 3 and 4, do NOT include an adult swimming area until Phase 2 is completed, which would mean if funding is NOT available, it will NOT happen and there will never be an outdoor adult swim area. The Four Corners Aquatics Team swim coach recommended that Option 1 to rebuild Brookside Pool, with the addition of seven feet to its length and an added kids water feature area such as the pool in Cortez, Colo., would serve the community better.

The coach said that the additional length of the pool can serve for swim meets and bring in revenue when meets occur because of hotel and restaurant usage. It was stated that adults have two pools to swim laps and have swimming lessons taught, but the adults still desire to swim outdoors. The children in the community have Farmington Lake, Berg Park and Orchard Park Foundation and Bloomfield Pool with play areas along with the Aquatic Center. For years, children swimming at Brookside Pool have entertained themselves with water games, so one questions whether a Lazy River or Climbing Wall is really necessary. It was stated that the pool would have to be subsidized, but it always has been along with the golf courses, which can be budgeted.

In the meeting, Ted Grumblatt stated that in a link sent to elementary children there were 12,000 hits for water features; yet NONE of the adults in the room had even had a chance to voice their desires. To the adults out there reading this letter who are not represented by the 12,000 children hits on the pool design, please make your voices heard by contacting your council person, the mayor or vote on the Facebook page. It seems the whole pool issue is about making money and not the needs of the community. The "spirit" of Brookside neighborhood pool to the community is not important to outsiders who wish to inflict their ideas for changes, so we must speak up and "SAVE BROOKSIDE POOL."

Sarah Menapace-Walker


Bears Ears is sacred and should stay that way

My great grandparents were dispatched by Mormon authorities in the late 1800’s to settle in the Four Corners area and it was there that my grandmother met and married Frank L. Noel who established the Two Gray Hills Indian trading post on the Navajo Indian reservation, which is still in operation today.

While they lived there for nearly two decades he assisted with the resolution of conflicts between the federal government and the Navajo Indians. It is this heritage that led me to attend the tribal “gathering” at Bears Ears, the hearing held in Bluff, Utah, by the Interior Department, and also, the Bears Ears news conferences held by the tribal coalition and the governor at the state capital.

In all this I heard two major points that the tribes wanted; (1) protection for a sacred place and (2) “a seat at the table with teeth” to be a partner in the management of the monument to meet their needs and goals.

We Mormons, of all people, should understand that a sacred place is what a people of faith say it is. These tribes have united and stated in very clear terms that this space has been and will continue to be used and developed as a sacred place. It will be a place to foster their faith and hold respect for the earth and for their ancestors who have lived and died in that area.

It will also be known as a national monument for all American native tribes to come and express their faith and respect.

Stuart Preece

Layton, Utah 

New Mexico needs common sense gun laws

Is there a case for common sense gun legislation in New Mexico? As someone who had a stepchild murdered, and has seen the pain of friends who lost a child due to unauthorized firearms use, this issue hits very close to home. I find myself seeking solutions to our community’s gun violence epidemic that both respects gun ownership while protecting the safety of our citizens and law enforcement.

The New Mexico suicide rate by firearms is nearly double the national average. In 2015, New Mexico’s rate of law enforcement officers killed with guns was the highest of any state in the country. Shouldn't we as a society take sensible measures for those we love as well as those who answer the call to "serve and protect"?

As part of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, I support the Second Amendment and common sense gun laws. I support legislation to require background checks for online and gun show sales in our state. The life you save may be your own or someone you love.

Deb Lane
Placitas, N.M.