Letters: Readers weigh in on issues of the day

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Trash can make you a target for thieves


Don’t be a target for thieves by advertising your big-ticket purchases on the curb after the holidays. Stay safe by keeping boxes from your electronics and other large items in the house or garage until the morning of your recycling collection day. Instead of leaving them out in the open, break boxes down and put them inside your recycling cart.

Farmington residents can also recycle cardboard and other accepted items (glass, paper, cans, plastic bottles) free of charge at Waste Management’s Recycling Convenience Center located at 101 S. Spruce St. The drop-off is open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Did you know your Waste Management drivers serve as an extra set of eyes and ears to keep your home safe? Through Waste Watch, Waste Management works with law enforcement to train personnel to spot and report suspicious activity to police. Along with supporting numerous community events, it’s one of the ways we work to make Farmington and San Juan County a great place to live.

On behalf of the 223 Waste Management employees living and serving our neighbors in New Mexico, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Dustin Maxwell

District Manager, Waste Management of New Mexico


Trump will be great for United States


Refuting all polls, Donald Trump won the presidential election, and I'm glad. Hillary Clinton accused us Trump supporters of being "deplorables," so I'm a proud deplorable.

I hope Trump honors his promises, like building a wall (or at least securing our borders) to finally stop illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants are criminals, and not U.S. citizens, and they should not have any rights to our jobs, educational benefits, drivers' licenses, voting privileges, etc. They should immediately be deported back to where they came from.

With an all-Republican Congress, maybe Trump will succeed in reducing our bloated government and eliminate some of the atrocious regulations that are choking my business and our economy. And slashed bureaucracy will reduce government spending, which will reduce our national debt.

Reducing taxes will also reduce the national debt because less taxes will mean more business discretionary income, leading to increased product invention and innovation, and easier survival of small businesses. It's been proven repeatedly that lowering taxes stimulates productivity by more people through more jobs and a wider tax base, resulting in greater total tax revenue to the government than what is generated by high taxes. By reducing our second-highest corporate tax rate in the world, trillions of dollars being held by companies in other countries will come rushing back to America. And reduced tax rates will generate more consumer spending.

I look forward to Trump eliminating "political correctness," so that we can talk honestly about radical Islam. Islam needs to be exposed regarding jihad, its subjugation of women, its history of violence and the dictates of Sharia Law. And extreme vetting of Muslim immigrants needs to happen for our country's security.

I look forward to strengthening our military again. After eight year of Obama depleting our military, we are no longer respected around the world, and wars perpetrated by evil people are spreading rapidly.

Trump will appoint conservative Supreme Court justices who will preserve the original intent of our Constitution, which I'm all for, as I would love to see Roe vs. Wade repealed.

It was great to see how a silent majority of millions of other like-minded conservatives throughout our country rose up to vote for him like I did.

Trump is a shrewd, successful businessman. Because he is independently rich, he will not be bought off by special interest groups. Unlike Obama, he will not apologize for America. He will make America great again.

Robin I. Glass


Commandments shouldn't be imposed by government


In Bob Heaton's letter of Nov. 20, he concludes that the Bloomfield monument to the Ten Commandments is history and shouldn't be removed.

I would say it is a controversial religious memorial that is not to be endorsed by a government entity.

The Ten Commandments comes in different forms, according to the beliefs of their followers. Just look at the difference between the Protestant version and the Catholic version.

Religious wars have been started over different interpretations of their articles of faith.

Gale Krause