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It appears we are losing hard fought gains

I grew up in the '60s and I was witness to the civil rights issues.

I remember where I was when news of Kennedy being killed was heard and I fell to the floor crying when Martin Luther King Jr. died. I remember Lyndon Johnson, a white man from Texas, dedicating himself to the civil rights of all people.

I was a young adult just beginning a family in the 70's. I remember the fight for women's rights and equality. I am still a feminist.

I held close many friends in the 80's during the early days of HIV/AIDS and the awareness of gay rights.

In the 90's I was witness to the computer boom and the dot-com explosion. I did survive the Y2K disaster.

In the new century, I found myself at middle age and became a member of AARP. My hair grayed and my joints ached, yet I grew and matured again. It was the period of the Baby Boomers and Gray Rights.

Now retired, I enjoy my days gardening and reading and yes, I even enjoy being the "house husband" to my darling, hardworking wife of almost four years.

But I wonder if all of that was just a cover for what this country really was all along. I see in the news rampant racism that betrays all that was accomplished in the '60s. I see misogynists becoming our leaders and sexism the daily norm, throwing out all that came in the '70s. All that was gained for the LGBT community in the '80s is weakening in the face of hatred and intolerance.

Computers of the '90s have grown beyond belief, no longer our tools but instead are our addiction and they control us.

The baby boomers find the attitudes and lack of ethics among the millennials intolerable. Our senior, gray adults are no longer respected but are targets of the scams and the unscrupulous.

Was this country's true self just hidden under a mask of tolerance and the guise of understanding? Were we duped by those in power to believe that this country had matured and grown past the hatred and violence that has market every decade of my generation?

It would seem that to be a misogynistic, racist, sexist, intolerant elitist is trendy and now the norm.

This my friends should be of great concern to all of us. It is time to say, "NO MORE."

Tim Slade


Physician supports BLM methane rules

As a general internal medicine physician in the Four Corners area for 13 years, I support the Bureau of Land Management methane rules.

Methane and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted through oil and gas infrastructure pose ongoing and immediate threats to the health and well-being of local communities. Ozone pollution formed by the combination of VOCs and methane causes increased ER visits, hospitalizations, and school absenteeism due to the detrimental effects on the lungs and respiratory system of the human body. Children, the elderly, and those with chronic illnesses are particularly vulnerable to suffering poor health consequences from ozone pollution.

Furthermore, methane is a potent greenhouse gas, and through such effects causes an even greater threat to the long-term health of humans. As the climate warms, we see increasing death and disease due to heat-related illness, respiratory illnesses, allergies, insect-borne diseases, water-borne diseases, food insecurity, water insecurity, and mental health problems such as depression and post-traumatic stress related to worsening natural disasters. Agriculture and fresh water resources are imperiled by a warming climate which in turn leads to food shortages and malnourishment of millions of us.

A sense of urgency is upon us as the World Health Organization projects 250,000 people will die yearly starting in 2030 due to the health impacts of a warming climate. Limiting methane emissions supports the well-being of the people of the Four Corners area as well as the health of people throughout the globe.

Robin E. Richard, M.D.


Getting back to true conservatism

We all know the one person who portrays a stereotype to an almost ridiculous degree, whether it be racial, gender-based or otherwise. We all know them. These characters kind of smatter the ideals of what many who hold their own self righteous standards of “Not seeing Color” or “Looking past the Human form” believe. They seem to throw a wrench in the progress of ridding our society of blanket statements and stereotypes. It is infuriating to see someone embody the exact thing you as an individual try so hard to disengage with about your race or gender. Now, this can work the opposite way, subconsciously for many, when one example of an extreme sours the taste of a specific kind of Individual.

Now, I don't particularly identify as a Republican though I do hold many conservative values very close to my heart. But that term alone pricks the ears of those specific individuals who have been segregated against or made fun of by the radicals who take the core values of the word and twist them into a malicious, hate filled zombie of what it once was. I know plenty of folks who are proud to call themselves Republican and would be considered upstanding citizens to just about anyone. The term has grown in larger liberal circles to mean only horrible and destructive things. The bad apple of the bunch sours the harvest. It is understandable why many people would fear and despise those who identify with a more conservative outlook, especially if they have been a target of those who use the term as a false prophet whom they promote to mask their own devious intentions.

With the new president elect and the past few years ramping up to the election, the tension between the Republican and Democratic parties has skyrocketed to an all time high. I myself am very much placed in what J.D Vance of the New York Times would call a “Liberal Bubble”. Almost all of my friends, family, and co-workers were very openly anti-republican. Not Anti-Trump, Anti Republican.

Christian Jones

Santa Fe