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Servers should know it's not polite to ask for a tip


I would like to voice a pet peeve that I have about tipping for services rendered.

It is getting so that when we go to check out at the cash register the person vocally solicits tips. Now, I've always considered tips to be given for good service and the wife and I tip accordingly.

There is one restaurant in Bloomfield where they even have the card reader set up to where even before it's rung up on the cash register you have to say whether you will tip not and if you choose not to they have to ring up again. When I pointed this out to the person that the register that she was soliciting tips she told me that's what her job was.

The irony was that I had left a tip on the table and I shouldn't have to go through the hassle of explaining that to the checkout person. It wasn't until I told the person that I had left the tip on the table that she rang it up again for the third time with the amount so I could pay my bill.

Suffice it to say we will not be returning to that establishment again or at least until their policy changes. Can you just see the waitress asking "did you leave me a tip?"

Albert Lason


Most people want the Ten Commandments monument at City Hall


I wish someone could explain to me how two godless, souless, clueless, devil worshipping wiccans can just call in the American Civil Liberties Union and get a beloved historical monument banned from City Hall.

How is it possible for a left-wing hate group like the ACLU to overrule the wishes of 93 percent of the good people living in Bloomfield and the rest of San Juan County?

Don't we the people have a right to vote or have a say on such an important issue?

I think that taxpaying citizens carry much more weight than two misguided broom-riding wiccans.

This might be a good question to ask Bill O'Reilly on his TV show. I'll bet Rush Limbaugh could get some good insight from his 20 million listeners who call in on his Friday radio show.

Bob Heaton


Wait for the audit before making a decision on the golf course


I am requesting that the Aztec City Commission postpone any further decision on the Aztec Golf Course until after the independent audit that will be conducted by the State Auditor. This audit is not the annual audit, but an audit that will address the golf course, the use of joint utility funds/enterprise funds and the $60,000 in discretionary funds given to the city manager without oversight by the commission.

Should irregularities be found in the independent audit, there would be the possibility of a full audit of all expenditures from the joint utility fund and maybe other funds. It would be the responsibility of the commission to address any irregularities immediately, and further impacts to the general fund or joint utility fund would not be in the best interest of the city until the audit is completed.

With the many unfinished projects throughout the city and the potential huge rate increase to debt service with the sewer plan upgrades, it is not fiscally prudent to obligate additional funds at this time. Our current budget is in the red $80,000 and a warning letter has been sent to the city to address this issue.

With continued actual and projected revenues down, it is incumbent upon the administration to get the finances in order.

I don't think the community is going to be interested in more taxes or utility increases at this time.

Tweeti Blancett


Silent majority finds its truth on social media

God Bless the "silent," but well informed majority of voters, who, because of the new era of social media, bypassing the propagandist media, which is in league of, with and for the ruling class, thus enabling WE THE PEOPLE, being informed by the various computer avenues and social media, to be truly informed and make OUR OWN decisions!

God Bless Donald Trump our next president of the USA, God Bless America, and God Bless the People who Built it!

That includes miners and the mining companies, past, present and future; and the oil and gas folks built and build it too.

Leo M. McCormick, member of the Colorado Mining Association.