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Letters to the Editor

Businesses should pay for parking


I was driving through Farmington and noticed a group of businesses are taking advantage of the "free parking" in front of the Veterans Memorial Park on Butler Avenue.

I know that the park has a set of rules that prevents John Q. public from parking/vending at these parks without the proper day use permit.

I would think that others would be concerned as to why taxpayer’s money that maintains the park and its parking lots could be used by these businesses' employees without restriction. I'm sure most would agree that without a permit these employers shouldn't be able to use the park's parking lot to conduct business.

There is an empty lot next to these office buildings that the employer/businesses could buy and build an employee parking.

It is not the responsibility of the taxpayers to provide parking to these businesses or their employees.

I have made several calls to city officials and local law enforcement but these businesses continue to take advantage of the city of Farmington taxpayer to fatten their wallets. If anyone in the community is as concerned as I am, I encourage you to contact the city of Farmington.

Josh Jones


New technology could save coal-fired electricity


Last week, a new technology was reported called Memzyme that was a developed at Sandia National Laboratory and the University of New Mexico. Memzyme has the potential to be a game changer for all New Mexicans, because it removes carbon dioxide from exhaust stacks, eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from electrical power plants.

How can Memzyme help New Mexico? The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has enacted new regulations on CO2 emissions that have closed coal-fired power plants. Closing these power plants increases electrical costs, as seen in the recent Public Service Company of New Mexico rate hike. High electrical rates chase away companies already in New Mexico, and those that consider moving here.

That means more job losses, especially in rural New Mexico. When coal-fired power plants close, so do the mines that provide the coal. When mines close, high-paying jobs are lost forever. Coal workers’ pensions are at risk, which is why President Obama said recently that the federal government will have to provide billions of dollars to fund United Mine Workers pensions.

Energy royalties and tax receipts help fund New Mexico’s government, schools, and local and tribal governments. The loss of energy revenues has contributed to our current budget deficit, which rolls a shock wave through our entire state economy.

Why are New Mexico’s federal elected officials not advocating further research for Memzyme technology, which has the potential to save jobs, lower our electrical rates, and reduce America’s greenhouse gasses by 40 percent?

It appears New Mexico’s congressional delegation agrees with Hillary Clinton when she said, “We’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.” That is not good for New Mexico.

Write your congressman, congresswoman and senators. Demand they support Memzyme technology to remove greenhouse gases from America’s power plants, instead of shutting down our power plants and coal mines. Tell them you will not accept the trade of good-paying jobs for no jobs, and low electrical rates for high electrical rates.

Mick Rich


Cast your vote for an old friend — Gary Johnson


Remember the danger of travelling the old two-lane N.M. Highway 44 to Albuquerque? Many of us can recall the names of friends and family who were maimed, and sometimes killed, during their trek on that awful road due to automobile accidents.

Gary Johnson was our governor 20 years ago. Despite the opposition and the expense, Gov. Johnson insisted that Highway 44 be upgraded to a four-lane highway. The Farmington highway was his priority. He was the driving force that accomplished this notable infrastructure improvement.

Soon afterwards, Highway 44 was transformed into the drastically safer U.S. HIghway 550. The new improved highway helped our community in so many ways. Every successful journey made by ourselves, neighbors, tourists, and interstate commerce benefited from Gov.Johnson’s foresight and determined leadership.

Our economy here in the Four Corners grew and prospered as a direct result.

This should convince citizens that Gary Johnson has already done more for all of us here in the San Juan Basin, than his opponents have done, and probably will ever do, for our community. Never forget that Gary Johnson made the highway safer for us.

When you hear someone declare that a vote for Johnson is a wasted vote, or that a vote for him is a vote for a much more revolting candidate, politely respond declaring “You are wrong, Gary Johnson is an old friend!”

Joe Hubbard