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Connelly House appreciates community's time and effort


When applications were being accepted for the 2016 United Way Day of Caring, we had no idea what impact the selection would have on our facility, the Connelly Hospitality House.

We are so grateful to Holly Perkins, Jeff and Nancy Holmes of Budget Blinds, local Latter Day Saints youth groups and the 7th ward LDS volunteer group for spending the morning at Connelly House.

They did a wonderful job of not only cleaning blinds, but asked what else they could help with. Imagine that! We certainly have a long list of to-dos and tasks on our list. Since the Connelly House and San Juan Medical Foundation rely on donations, giving with talent and time is wonderful and generous.

Their generosity did not end with cleaning. Our pantry received some goodies, cleaning supplies, men with power tools and women with donuts to share were plentiful. Fencing was repaired, windows washed, cabinets shined, rose garden weeded, and carpets vacuumed.

As a place of hope and healing, Connelly Hospitality House offers lodging with a full kitchen and laundry facilities for guests traveling long distances for cancer treatment from San Juan Regional Medical Center clinics. Guests are not charged for lodging. We are sponsored by the San Juan Medical Foundation, a nonprofit organization.

Our appreciation for this outpouring of time from our community is greatly appreciated. There are many ways to help nonprofits in our community. Yes, money can help, but with our struggling economy, time and talent can be extremely valuable. I am thankful to be a part of such a giving community.

Susan Steinhoff, Connelly Hospitality House Manager


Stream closure law tramples on rights of New Mexicans


In a recent newspaper article focusing on stream closures, Dan Perry, the man behind the 2015 law that made 50 years of stream closure legal, stated that the law he bought and paid for gave him the right to protect stream banks he owns.

The New Mexico Wildlife Federation completely agrees with Mr. Perry.

However, to ensure his stream banks are protected, Mr. Perry has blocked access to the stream bed. This is the equivalent of me blocking the public sidewalk to ensure my newly paved driveway is protected. My actions would be no more legal than Mr. Perry’s. To paraphrase an American icon, Mr. Perry, tear down that fence!

The 2015 law represents the worst of big money politics.

A poorly crafted law was passed quickly through the legislature with bipartisan Senate support — proponents point to this bipartisan support — but conveniently leave out that the House vote went along party-lines. How did this piece of legislation that few, even apparently the man backing it, understand end up signed by Gov. Susana Martinez?

Were the interests of big money donors placed ahead of those of the average New Mexican? When big money politics overruns the rights of New Mexicans we have a serious problem. When that happens year in and year out, a culture of acceptance grows in the populace.

How much longer will we sit idly by while our rights are diminished, first by practice then by law? We can no longer accept politicians who put money before people.

Todd Leahy


Paving grass for a parking lot makes no sense


I have been a resident of Farmington for a little more than 47 years and am not surprised at some of the things our mayor and city council do for our fair city; however, this I do not understand.

When construction was started at the west end of City Hall, I believed that evidently that addition was being added. I hated to see the green grass go, but that is the cost of progress. I could not believe my eyes when I saw curbs being poured and the grass being lost for parking. The present parking was not sufficient?

There are spaces at the west and east end of City Hall as well as spaces on the north between City Hall and the police building.

Also, south across Municipal Drive, both behind and to the west of the annex, is a great deal of parking and if that is not enough, I do believe that to the east (also across Municipal) there are many spaces near the former Animas Credit Union and the police building.

For a city that is facing hard times and money problems, this seems stupid. Did our city employees get raises? Perhaps 20th Street could have been completed since it seems that it will continue forever and ever.

Skip George