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Boys & Girls Club BBQ coming up


The Boys & Girls Club of Farmington 48th annual BBQ will be held from 4 to 7 p.m. on Friday.  A huge thanks goes out to the Aztec Well Family for buying a ton (literally) of brisket, and to the army of volunteers who will cook the best BBQ meal this side of Beclabito.  Along with the Sandel family, everyone out back has been there for years and years, passing the mixing spoons down to the third generation.  They will spend two solid days making sure everything is just right, and all for YOU!!

As the economy has dropped, our demand for services at the club is up over 20 percent from last year. The club gives over 450 kids a day a safe place to be after school, and provides supporting programs that enhance their education, promote healthy activities, and develop character and good citizenship.

We need your help in these lean times to continue to provide these services.  The annual BBQ is our single biggest fundraiser, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to the club. Tickets are available online at or at the door.  Eatie innie or takie outie.  So PLEASE come on down and get your fingers sticky, your face messy, and your belly full.  Thanks for caring!!

George Sharpe

The Boys & Girls Club of Farmington's squeaky wheel

Twisted logic on Oklahoma's tremors


Re: "Fracking is not causing earthquakes", by Marita Noon a Daily Times energy columnist: The earthquakes in Oklahoma are caused by the "produced water" that results from "‘fracking" (hydraulic fracturing).  Marita Noon herself says as much.  How do we get rid of the "produced water" causing the earthquakes?  STOP FRACKING.

Nick Evans


Thanks to Farmington from British auto owners


Our 26th annual Rio Grande Valley Regional Rendezvous was a smashing success, thanks to the incredible, enthusiastic hospitality we enjoyed during our event Sept. 9 through 11. The British Automobile Owners Association of Albuquerque would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to Ingrid Gilbert, Kelly May and all the fine folks at the Visitors Center for their invaluable advice, publicity, and "can do" spirit!  The gift bags provided were just icing on the cake.

The venue provided by the Four Corners Regional Airport arranged by Tony Lake was ideal for our show and Funkhana, and we could not have been more pleased with the food, staff, and restroom availability at the No Worries Sports Bar and Grill during our car show. High five to everyone there.

Kudos as well to the staff at the Courtyard by Marriott, for the great rooms, gathering places, and thoughtful employees.

A shout out to BAOA member, Jim Thrasher, of CarQuest in Farmington for the radio ads and informational flyer distribution in advance of the big weekend.

Thank you to the gentleman known as Beep, and the fellow with the pink flamingo imitating an ostrich for letting us use your clever yard art as clues along our rally route. And last, but not least, thank you to all who came out and enjoyed the day with us and helped us determine the People's Popular Choice Award by casting ballots.

We will pass the word among to car enthusiasts that the Farmington area is THE place to go for events such as ours.

Gidget Fain

British Automobile Owners Association board member


Friendly, competent service deserves a tip

I pride myself on being a good tipper, however, due to the recent bad service I have received at various restaurants in and around the Farmington area, I felt the need to explain a simple personal policy I have regarding a good versus bad tip. I at times eat by myself, typically for lunch, and sometimes for dinner, mainly because I am single. It does not take much to please me.

Good tip: you will get a good or even great tip by: 1. Do not let my beverage reach empty; 2. Are friendly; 3. Check and see how I'm doing. If you fail to meet my simple standards, the tip you receive will be reduced significantly.

Bad Tip: 1. Are unfriendly; 2. If my beverage hits bottom, your tip will be reduced by 5 percent. If continued to be left empty, your tip will continue to be reduced. If I have to wait for service, your tip will be reduced. If you fail to check on me, your tip will be further reduced. If all of the above actions are met, you as a server will get one shiny penny.

I realize that lunch time on Sunday can be daunting for a server, and I realize that church folks are sometimes the worst tippers (servers would say), but as a church goer and a single person, I don't fit into that group. It's not uncommon if I feel the service is great, I have been known to leave 80 percent, and have even left 100 percent. I expect not to be ignored because you have a large group, or find because I am one person I do not need to be taken care of. I am a customer, and I enjoy leaving a great tip if presented the opportunity to do so. If you want a good tip, then I expect you to work for it, and expect friendly service.

Darren Malone