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Letters to the Editor

Dangers of progressivism

The dangerous philosophy of progressivism is advancing rapidly throughout the world resulting in the erosion of our culture and our freedoms. A great example is Caitlyn Jenner, a transgender male who now thinks he's a woman. It boggles my mind that I admired him in my youth when he was a man's man, Bruce Jenner — the Decathlon winner of the 1976 Olympics. Why in the world would he want to become a woman? I admit that he is now superficially a beautiful babe, but he still is and always will be a man. I guarantee you he still has 23 pairs of chromosomes in every cell of his body, and one of those pairs includes a "Y" chromosome, which has resulted in his male characteristics since his conception.

It angers me that liberal progressives have exploited this issue, like they have with so many other issues, by advancing the "rights" of transgenders to use public restrooms of their choice, at the expense of millions of the rest o f us who are appalled by this insanity! We parents are aghast at the idea  of young, teenaged hormone-saturated males claiming to be "transgendered," being legally allowed into women's public restrooms or high school showers with our naked daughters! Why is it that very small minorities are made to feel like they're victims, and then given special "rights" that trump the rights of the rest of us, the majority, who have common sense?

I am glad that a few community and regions are putting up a fight and refusing to comply with these ridiculous regulations, but I'm afraid that, ultimately, we are going to be forced to submit to them, unless we are willing to suffer severe consequences. More and more conservatives and Christians are being shut up with accusations of "discrimination" and "racism." People are losing their jobs for saying the wrong things in the workplace.

Our kids are being brainwashed, textbooks are being rewritten. Progressive ideology was brought from Europe to the U.S. in the 1880s, and pushed by William Jennings Bryan at the Democratic Convention in 1896.

Regarding transgender restrooms, we Christians can protest in such ways as refusing to shop at stores like Target.

Robin I. Glass


PRC fails to protect water users

Much to our disappointment, we were told that the regulatory agency in place to protect our rights as customers (the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission) won't hear our voices. We are nothing more than numbers to you. Your complacency and continued ignorance means the private for profit company that has held us at their whim gets away with their many transgressions.

You see complacency isn't something we are unfamiliar with.

Many of us too were complacent, uneducated about our situation, uninformed about what lack of clean, running water would do to our community. That is, until we found ourselves desperately trying to reach our neighbors, delivering cases of water in 104-degree heat. Until we found ourselves calling 911, worried about our elderly citizens, until we wondered if our health problems were because we had been drinking and bathing in unsafe water. Until we realized that this monster of a private company truly didn't care about us, and the monsters in charge of regulating them in turn didn't care either.

You see we are just numbers; numbers of paying customers, account numbers and not faces. And until you actually SEE the faces it will never hit you. The faces of elderly and disabled residents when we knocked on their doors to see the bewildered looks wash over them, we were the ones who informed them that the water they had been using for weeks was unsafe.

The company at fault still doesn't care and still doesn't get it.

We know we have been lied to. We have been stolen from. Many of us truly believe we have been poisoned. Poisoned by the unsafe water that was pumped straight into our houses for us to bathe our children in, drink and give to our animals. Strained by the water bills that were promptly mailed out incorrectly, overcharged for water that was unusable while we spent out of pocket to boil it, haul it and cherish every last drop.

If water is life, then why have you allowed them to deny it to us? Our voices are all we have and we will not stop speaking until you hear us. We will appeal and urge you to make the right decision this time.

Heather Lamprecht


Thanks to Dr. Schmidt for asking

Recently I received an email survey from our Superintendent, Dr. Eugene Schmidt, asking my preference regarding the Monday delayed-start versus early-release for Farmington Schools. Seeking this type of input from the community is unprecedented and welcome. I appreciate this show of compassion and true dedication to bettering our community's schools.

I also commend Dr. Schmidt for helping implement a program of teacher improvement. The teacher improvement will be extremely valuable to our teachers and, in the end, our children. The added time and effort that Dr. Schmidt and his staff have been willing to put forth is much appreciated. The efforts to meet the needs of more students and their families are not unnoticed. This comprehensive approach and willingness to adjust in response to community input is wonderful.

Again, thank you, Dr. Schmidt and staff. The interest you have shown in meeting the needs of students, parents, and teachers in our community is truly remarkable. I look forward to continued positive changes in Farmington Municipal Schools.

Gene Hilton