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Letters to the Editor

On Great Britain leaving the European Union

I am very proud of the Brits for finding a path to freedom from a government that failed its duty to its people. The Brits have followed the path to independence available to them, one of a peaceful division that our own founding fathers could not have believed possible in their wildest dreams.

While watching the results of their election for independence on television and seeing the "Chicken Little Effect" take hold of the craven reporters, commentators and Dow Jones investors, I pondered at the great pity it was to have such a wonderful thing completely marrred by doubts and fears of things political and financial.

Is the current value of our IRA's the only thing that matters in this world? While watching the hand wringing on television, I have ached to hear some dissent in the ranks of the fear-mongers, perhaps from an old hippie who has recognized the marvelous thing that has happened: That a people's revolution has taken place, that an oppressive government has had to take a back seat to the will of its people, and that freedom has been won without a single bullet being fired at someone's head.

How can Americans not raise their own voices to cheer the brave and noble action by our old friends and allies from across the Atlantic? I can only imagine the speeches that would have been made by American presidents of the past had they lived to see this day.

They would have spoken to all the world of the inalienable right of a freedom-loving people to climb out of the bonds that have kept them from self-determination and self-governance, even those bonds they mistakenly took upon themselves. They would have spoken of the prosperity and satisfaction that awaited such a people, regardless of immediate troubles and doubts. They would have said words of encouragement to the Brits for taking a stand for what is right for their people, and encouraged them to strive hard, hold fast, and to trust in themselves.

Though Washington, D.C., will not say it, I will offer my own congratulations and support to the Brits in the day of their independence.

Jerry Worrell


Immigration should be done legally


I think that immigrants are an issue especially to New Mexico.

New Mexico is a border state so there are a lot of immigrants from Mexico.

I think it is fine if the want to be part of America but not if they come illegally.

Mosiah Seavey


Time to stop people from texting and driving


Texting while driving needs to be stopped.

I believe we should help solve this by having a car mode that sets off an alarm when the driver starts texting. I believe this will help it stop.

There is a simple solution to this problem.

There are apps that lock phones while they drive. I would like all parents to know of this. This could avoid much damage and many deaths.

Autonomous vehicles would also solve this problem.

Lilly Seavey


Alleged protester was trying to deliver comfort


It was with great interest I read your article about the gay pride parade.

It was with great surprise that you described the "man holding a sign with a little white dog" as a protester.

I was standing on the corner offering hope at very sad time. The verses on the sign from Romans (3:23 and 6:23) are the offer of hope that Christians have been offering the world for 2,000 years. Having lost my wife of 39 years suddenly Memorial Day weekend I know how important it is to have hope in the life to come.

I felt I had a little bit in common with those mourning the 49 killed in Florida but I didn't have the despair that I was seeing in the mourner's faces.

A time of death is always a good time to talk about what you think happens after life here on Earth.

If you were to die tonight do you know where you would go? If you were to die tonight and stand before God and he asked you why should I let you into my heaven, what would you say? These are important question that everyone should think about.

Having just gone through a sudden death I know how important the answers are and how they affect you. I have answers that are very comforting and encouraging which I was wanting to share with anyone who was interested.

It might be a good idea if your reporters would ask the "protester" what he was doing to get a better idea of what was going on rather than make uninformed assumptions.

Philip Flowers


Losing coal will hurt New Mexico


I read your story about layoffs at the San Juan mine. Accordingly, I would like to offer my American friends a preview of what may happen if you shut down your coal-fired power plants.

Ontario was once an industrial powerhouse and the home of thousands upon thousands of well paid, manufacturing jobs. But the province lost at least 300,000 manufacturing jobs in the last 15 years when companies either went bankrupt or left Ontario.

This happened largely because our electricity prices have increased 318 percent since 2002, now giving us one of the highest rates in North America. The single most important cause for this staggering rise is that, in the name of "stopping climate change," we shut down all of our inexpensive coal plants, which, in 2002, provided about 25 percent of our electricity. 

Things will likely be even worse for America if President Obama's climate policies are continued by the next administration. After all, the U.S. gets 33 percent of its power from coal (67 percent in New Mexico).

Ontarians were too frightened of climate activists to oppose the plan to end coal-fired power generation. As a consequence, we are now dependent on the charity of more wealthy Canadian provinces to survive. Who will provide jobs in New Mexico if your coal mines close and businesses in your state cannot rely on cheap and reliable electricity generated from coal?

Tom Harris

Executive Director, International Climate Science Coalition

Ottawa, Ontario