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Take care retrieving your newspaper


I'm just old fashioned. I like to get the newspaper, the kind that gets thrown from a car to my driveway.

As I read today's Daily Times, now there are second thoughts about this type of delivery. In the article called "Group Seeks Oil Import Quotas," published on June 15, 2016, it was stated by Judy Stark of Amarillo, Texas-based Panhandle Producers, that the Saudi Arabians are taking over and moving into our country. She said one morning you could walk out to get your newspaper and one of these Saudi Arabians could walk across your lawn and cut your throat! How rude!

So now Daily Times paper thrower please hand deliver my paper directly to me at my front door.

Warren Rogers


BLM should provide permanent Chaco protection


Recently, the Bureau of Land Management postponed a land auction for several thousand acres around the Chaco Canyon area for oil drilling.

The process that would have been used is hydraulic fracturing, a practice harmful to the environment, but fracking wastes water. Drilling for oil in a desert and using tons of water is a massive concern.

The water used to drill the wellheads is costly. An average of 1 million gallons of water are used to drill each of these; 60 percent of that water is flow back wastewater from the process and needs to be recycled or disposed of. That water should be used for New Mexicans, and people probably aren’t excited that companies are draining the water supply for profit.

Drilling doesn’t occur within the park, but damage occurs because of the fracking process: the drilling is horizontal, creating pockets that have a propensity to cave in, destroying the surface landscape.

I recall visiting Chaco Canyon in my younger years, how interesting it was to explore. Now being a college student, I see it as not only desecrating a national historical park but also as a desecration of my childhood. Postponement of the fracking plans is great, but I would call for permanence. It would be terrible to destroy the park for future generations because of the legacy of oil profiteering.

Patrick Gallagher


Thanks to Civic Center staff for Benatar concert


​I wanted to write a quick letter to thank the staff of the Farmington Civic Center for all of the tasks they went through to bring Pat Benatar and Neil Geraldo to Farmington on June 12th.

It was so obvious that our community will support high-end concerts such as this and are able to safely enjoy an evening of great music together!!

This kind of concert is a tremendous undertaking for the Civic Center, and I just wanted to say how much I appreciated their work. I know they have been preparing for this evening for months, and there were many details to cross off the huge list.

Our community often has to drive to Albuquerque to take in concerts; it is the commitment we have to attending good concerts but it was so fantastic to drive home after the concert, rather than to have to stay in Albuquerque for the night.

So enjoy a good rest Civic Center staff. I applaud you! Please consider doing it again sometime soon!

Monica Leaming


Danger on Sunset Avenue Freeway


Someone is going to get killed or seriously injured on Sunset Avenue freeway

Sunset Avenue on any given weekday, between 7 and 8 a.m. is like a freeway. With a posted speed limit of 25 mph, few adhere to that. I would estimate the average speed is 35 to 40 mph. Even Farmington school buses exceed the speed limit. I am not sure where all the cars/trucks (including some commercial trucks) come from, as they seem to far exceed the number of residents in the neighborhood.

And, between 5 and 7 p.m., several young kids on their motor scooter bike thingies roar up and down Sunset Avenue freeway at speeds approaching 40 to 50 mph.

And, Sunset Avenue Freeway is being repaved as we speak. Wow, maybe greater speeds are in order. It might become a raceway!

I have previously emailed our city manager, our mayor and our councilors and met personally with my city councilor a number of months ago. So far, the only result of this is to receive a letter from the Farmington Police Department about my front yard weeds. Apparently, I was exceeding the allowable number of weeds, and if not removed, faced criminal charges.

I am curing my dissatisfaction with this situation by moving out into the country, leaving behind a dangerous and very noisy situation. But truly I fear for the safety of folks, especially the older and younger ones that live on, or near, Sunset Avenue Freeway.

John Yokie