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Residents should join to save Brookside Pool


We spend large sums of money on the poor, the afflicted, the addicted, the senior citizens, and the pre-kindergartens.

The skateboard crowd has a beautiful arena to play in, tennis players and ball players are as well equipped with good tennis courts and fine ball fields.

It's the youngsters, who could not walk to Farmington Lake, who are the ones that have made such good use of Brookside Pool since 1958 and will continue to make good use of it or its replacement. My children swam there, my friend's children swam there, my grandchildren swam there, and there's a bit of nostalgia surrounding that pool that is so much a part of beautiful Brookside Park with its many wonderful features.

We are very proud of those featrues and now it's time to invest money in a new pool at Brookside Park, one that will provide pleasure for many years to come to many families, one that will not be constantly costing large sums to keep it running.

Where there's a will there's a way. We can find that money, as we find money for other worthwhile ventures in our amazing city.

All those saying "aye," please come forward with ideas and ways and means.

Ruth Allison


Heinrich is focused on the wrong water problem


When New Mexican voters sent Martin Heinrich to Washington, D.C., they reasonably expected him to look after the concerns of New Mexicans. But as Heinrich has demonstrated over and over, he is looking out for anyone but New Mexicans.

Heinrich devoted his March 14 newsletter to safe drinking water for the people of Flint. He writes: “Right now, the people of Flint, Michigan are in the midst of a severe water crisis. Their water supply is contaminated with poisonous lead and other harmful chemicals that are causing tragic health affects for the people of Flint… demand that relief is sent to Flint!”

Our junior senator would have done better to substitute every use of "Flint" with "Northwest New Mexico."

The EPA has changed its listing of the Animas River from drinking water use to recreation use. The river does not meet drinking water requirements. When there is a major storm and a substantial increase of water flow, the contaminated sediments get stirred back up and the level of contaminates increases.

(Editor's note: Municipalities in the region take water from the river, which is sent to water treatment plants that remove hazardous materials. City officials say testing shows the treated water is safe to drink. Officials also are monitoring river water quality to determine whether spring runoff is kicking up sediments contaminated with  toxic materials from the Gold King Mine spill. And  state officials have warned about drinking w ater in the San Juan and Animas rivers  because tests have indicated the presence of human f eces .)

The nonpartisan website ranks Heinrich as 4th lowest of all Senators on leadership, 2nd lowest on introducing bipartisan bills, and 2nd lowest on working with the House. But hey, we can take consolation that our junior Senator is ranked 2nd “hottest” male senator.

Perhaps that’s why New Mexico ranks at or near the bottom of all states on so many measurements of public well being.

But it was Heinrich’s closing statement in his newsletter that revealed the most about his attitude as our Senator: “Thank you for standing with me,” he wrote.

It is not our job to stand with Senator Heinrich. It is his job to stand with us. It’s his job to advocate to our federal government for the people of New Mexico – not Michigan. He works for us – at least, he should work for us.

Write Martin Heinrich and demand that he do his job by getting federal relief for the citizens of Northwest New Mexico who suffered from the Animas River spill.

Mick Rich