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Despite polls and pundits, voters decide


Who decides? Mainstream media, and even some not so mainstream, keep telling the voting public that Donald Trump will be the GOP presidential nominee and Hilary Clinton will be the nominee for the Democrats. That based on some self-serving polls.

If this be true, if the winner has already been decided, why then should the voter even bother to vote at all? What is the voter to do if they, individually or collectively, prefer another candidate? What is to be done if the voter feels that the media has slanted the poll in some way to favor one candidate or another? Has the media elected the candidate already or is it still up to the voters of this country?

Do the voters in Iowa or New Jersey decide the fate of our country or can the voter in small town America still cast a deciding vote?

Wake up America! Do not let the media speak for you. The media is supposed to report the news not create it. Make up your own mind and vote your heart.

There was once a car rental company whose ads included the phrase, “We’re No. 2 so we try harder.” Maybe we, the voting public, need to look past what the media is pushing upon us as the poll leader and look more closely at No. 2. Because, quite frankly, the supposed top candidates, scare the heck out of me.

Tim Slade


Police officer's good deed takes edge off bad news


Thank you Farmington Daily Times for your story, "Farmington police brighten family's Christmas" on Dec. 29. With so much ugliness in the news lately, it's nice to finally read about good people doing good deeds.

Thank you Farmington Police Department! It is so nice to know we have such kind and caring people watching out for us.

I'm sure it wasn't the first good deed done by our police department, and I'm sure it won't be the last. I hope we hear more good things in the future, it seems like all we hear about is the bad in people.

God Bless you all and thank you for all you do for us.

Ginger Weinheimer


Take a closer look at Ordinance No. 95


I have some major concerns regarding Ordinance No 95. I have read and reread the ordinance, when it says:

•Engaging in Business — Persons operating, conducting, doing, carrying on, causing to be carried on, or pursuing any business, profession,

occupation, trade, pursuit or activity for the purpose of profit.

•Person — Any individual, male or female, estate, trust, receiver, cooperative association, club, corporation, company, firm, partnership,

joint venture, syndicate, or other entity engaging in a business, profession, occupation, trade, pursuit or activity.

This means everyone doing everything!

They have brought up the "Safety of the First Responders."  If this is what they truly were implementing this ordinance for, I would be for it.

I asked the commissioners the question; I have a fire, I call 911, give my address, do they have a program in place that tells them what hazards are at that business? I received no response from the commissioners. I asked dispatch, I learned that there is "no program" in place for the information that comes from the Business Registration. So what is this information really for?

Do you really want an inspector coming into your home to "inspect" your small business? Do you really want to be forced to get a CRS number from the NM Taxation and Revenue Division?

Please look up this Ordinance No. 95 on the San Juan County website, Really read the words. I also understand they can always revise it after it becomes law.

They have also added an Agriculture Exemption. Exempted from this ordinance are garage and yard sales less than three consecutive days in duration, vendors at flea markets and farmers markets (but not operators of flea markets and farmers markets), roadside sellers of fruit and vegetables and businesses whose sole income is derived from the sale of items entitled to an agriculture exemption. I do not know anyone with a small farm whose "sole income is derived from the sale of items."

Let your commissioners know how you feel before it is too late. Definition of free enterprise — the freedom to operate businesses competitively with minimal government regulation.

Darci Moss

Cedar Hill/Aztec