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Marita Noon's solution to water woes is 'troubling'


It is troubling to read Marita Noon’s diatribe in the Daily Times “Hope for fracking technology water woes” (Dec. 1).

While ignoring the logical question of why the oil and gas industry is allowed to use vast amounts of scarce water for fracking resulting in water contamination/toxicity, Ms. Noon would have us believe that the oil and gas industry now provides the answer to our water problems. Perhaps Ms. Noon has inhaled too many hydrocarbon vapors to aid in solving real problems we have in the San Juan Basin, including degraded water quality and reduced water quantity.

The Daily Times should be ashamed to continue to print Ms. Noon’s ridiculous elegies to the oil and gas industry as she comments from the safe confines of Albuquerque.

The obvious answer to water woes is to thoughtfully consider preservation of water resources before carelessly allowing the oil and gas industry to frack with it. Let's get real about water in the San Juan Basin — last I checked the Animas River Spill had everyone in an uproar. Was it a fleeting moment?

Mike Eisenfeld


Tres Rios Habitat for Humanity thanks its donors


Tres Rios Habitat for Humanity would like to thank our corporate sponsors during this last year. The support of companies and individuals allow us to continue to build new houses and sell them to low-income families.

In spite of an economic downturn, Merrion Oil and Gas made a very generous donation of $10,000. This was followed by the generosity of BHP Billiton and Navajo Transitional Energy Company giving a grant of $8,000.

Other generous sponsors include Cornerstone Concrete Pumping Inc., Moises Majluf Insurance (Farmers Insurance), Leavitt Group Four Corners Insurance Agency, Dr. James Cole (Integrity Dental), McDonald's Corp., Arby's, Allen Theaters and The Grill on the Hill at Piñon Hills Golf Course.

In addition, we give thanks to the individuals who make ongoing contributions to our affiliate and all of the volunteers who have helped build the current house and work at the Christmas Wrapping Booth at the Mall.

For those who would like to make contributions, we are able to give additional New Mexico state tax credits for donations $300 or greater. Call 505-326-5361 and ask to talk with Frank Hayes, treasurer. Tres Rios Habitat for Humanity feels it is a privilege to work in this community to make it a better place for all of its citizens.

Frank Hayes

Tres Rios Habitat for Humanity treasurer


Bible instructs people to care for the earth


The Dec. 7 issue of The Daily Times carried an article titled "Ecology, faith a natural mix for some" on religious greens and climate change. Rachel Lamb of the Young Evangelicals for Climate Action was quoted saying, "The Bible has always been clear about the call to care for the world that God has created and to love our neighbors."

Many people are unaware of this, and the article doesn't mention where in the Bible this can be found.

The longest and most explicit verses are found in Chapter 25 of Leviticus, which describes the Sabbatical and Jubilee Years.

Just as humans are called to a day of rest, Leviticus 25:2 says, " ... let the land, too, keep a Sabbath for the Lord," which is every seven years," and what grew spontaneously from fallen seed was to be shared by all including male and female slaves, hired help and tenants, livestock and wild animals (Leviticus 25:6).

Hunter-gatherer groups had long before learned to not take all the food but leave seed so plants would grow the next year; farmers knew the vital importance of letting the land lie fallow so it could restore itself. In Leviticus 25, this was put in writing. And the Jubilee Year is about redeeming both the land and the people, restoring justice and community.

Another source are the woes of Isaiah in Isaiah 24: 5-6:

"The earth is polluted because of its inhabitants who have transgressed laws (broken the laws of nature), violated statutes, broken the ancient covenant. Therefore a curse devours the earth."

See also Isaiah 3:14-15; 5:8-9, 18 and 20-23; and 10:1-2.

But there are many places in the Bible where it describes responsible and irresponsible behavior and their consequences.

Today, we are exploiting the earth's resources without replacing them —mining the fertility of the land without restoring it, wasting and throwing away even rare minerals and not thinking of what will be left for future generations.

We think of people of long ago as ignorant, yet we have forgotten the life-sustaining things that they knew. The earth is the only home we have. We must care for it.

Daisy Swadesh