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Mob rule on the University of Missouri campus


Insurrection, mob rule, violence and terrorism has at last spread from our national capital and streets of our towns to our college campuses. The University president was forcefully expelled from his lawful positon of employment due to the uprising of students and professors. Mob rule and violence even went so far as to deny the news media to cover the revolt. In their action they denied the college president his constitutional rights in holding his job or being removed from his position. He was denied his first, fifth, and sixth amendment rights they denied the news media from their first amendment rights when an assistant professor called for and received help in expelling a reporter from the university campus, preventing him from doing his job of reporting the events taking place in the mob revolt.

A college or university's purpose is to educate the students so they are prepared to go out and in life and make their way and contribute to their community, towns, counties and states, at the University of Missouri, where they rose up in rebellion, denying their college president and the reporter their constitutional rights. The college does not exist to teach the students the art of rioting and insurrection. The college football coach should be fired, each professor that took part should be fired. The football team should be stripped of their scholarships and expelled from the university.

People, mob violence and terrorism cannot be allowed to continue in this country. It is allowed only because our president and other politicians condone these acts to further their own political futures. This must be stopped.

Horace Everett


Energy Alliance misrepresents itself

To Shawn Martini (Consumer Energy Alliance communications director):

I read with interest the Nov. 11 Farmington Daily Times article that featured you introducing your deceptively-named Consumer Energy Alliance organization. You seem to have a strange idea about what constitutes the energy resource sector of the economy. You seem to think it is limited to carbon-based resources — oil, gas, coal (and maybe nuclear, not sure). You do not mention solar, wind, geothermal or hydro at all. This omission cannot be accidental. I think it is because you are not, in fact, a promoter of consumer interests but of carbon-based industry interests. Just the latest attempt, evidently, to deceive the public.

Your quote: "Affordable energy for consumers" is misleading in the extreme. There is no basis for the inference that other energy resources will result in higher consumer prices. That is just fear-mongering. In fact, right now, in Farmington, we have residents who have switched to solar power and are saving a lot of money, even to the point where they can sell back extra energy to the local utility.

The rate of respiratory illness in children in this county, highest in the state, is attributable to the emissions of the coal-fired power plants. That is also a cost that needs to be figured into the equation. Further, support for fracking near Chaco is not in anyone's interest. It is short-sighted and threatens to destroy our common heritage. Failure to capture the leaking methane, creating the now infamous "hot spot" is also an example of the carelessness, negligence and plain stupidity (since by capturing the methane you could sell it) of your industry. Neither are coal-fired power plants the answer in the long run. If oil and gas prices never come back, what are you going to do? Solar costs are coming down. The advantages are obvious.

Contrary to what you assert, the Clean Power Plan is just what we need and is not extreme regulation (industry has always cried about how regulation stifles business — just ask the Detroit automakers who went out of business after they had to install seat belts — oh, right, they didn't). It does not hurt our schools or our kids' future.

An economy based on renewables is a better solution. The Navajo Nation is building a 60 megawatt solar farm south of the Bisti Badlands, called Paragon Ranch. Why else would they do it, if it wasn't a better solution to their energy needs? The whole nation should be mobilized for it. Time for you sir to get on board. I am doing my part to alert my friends and colleagues.

Michael Darmody