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Apartment management official responds to criticism


Recently, Dunlap & Magee Property Management and our onsite management team have been accused of mismanagement of Apple Ridge Apartments due to the death of one of our residents: Mr. Hall.

Mr. Hall was known to staff as a kind-hearted man, proud of his service to our country. Mr. Hall was found by the onsite team during a scheduled preventative maintenance visit. We are saddened by his passing and offer our deepest condolences to his family.

Mr. Hall was known to be out of his home for extended periods. There was no suspicion by staff of anything unusual in his home. No complaints or suspicions were identified by neighbors, our tenant association, or the next door community watch group. We will continue to work with site-based organizations to be mindful of each resident’s presence without encroaching on the right of unassisted living.

Routine maintenance of housing is a management responsibility taken seriously. Over the last year we have worked diligently with members of the city and HUD to make sure issues have been addressed as quickly as possible. All capital repairs budgeted for 2015 have been completed. I have accompanied my team to every meeting and visited many residents in their homes. I have detailed every request for improvement and promptly scheduled, communicated to residents, and completed as represented.

Each member of our onsite team has longstanding familial roots in Farmington and the immediate area and takes great pride in Apple Ridge and resident relations. The best interest of the residents is paramount to management.

Dunlap & Magee Property Management, our onsite team, and I are committed to exceptional management through open communication and continued self-improvement.

We will continue to work to maintain Apple Ridge as a great place to call home

I can be reached by phone at 602-919-5901.

Christine E. Shipley, CPM

Vice President

Dunlap & Magee

Farmington officer's service is hi-tech


I would like to acknowledge the dedication of a Farmington police officer who used technology to recover a cell phone for a local resident recently.

An individual accidentally left his phone on his car when driving and when he realized his mistake, he retraced his path and could not find the phone so he activated a locating app. The app sounds an alarm on the phone and displays a number for the person who located the phone to call to notify the owner. The owner saw that his phone was mobile and he, with the assistance of Officer Worrell, began following the path of the phone.

Officer Worrell obtained permission from his supervisor to follow the phone because it was headed toward Colorado.

The person who located the phone had stopped near the state line to see if someone could show him how to deactivate the alarm on the phone with no success and then proceeded to Durango.

Officer Worrell enlisted the help of a Durango officer and located the phone at a business in Durango. The phone was recovered and although the person who found it engaged in suspicious behavior in trying to disable the alarm and made no attempt to contact the owner, no charges were filed.

Officer Worrell showed great dedication in assisting in the recovery of the phone which saved the citizen several hundred dollars. Thank you for your dedicated service Officer Worrell. Although this was not a major case, you showed what it truly means to protect and serve.

Jerry Vigil