Letters: Readers weigh in on issues of the day

Farmington Daily Times

Ordinance 95 usurps individual liberty


Jack Fortner's comment stating that "small things add up to big things and big things add up to be horrible things" couldn't be more correct! As government slowly usurps its authority, it always evolves into a "horrible loss of our Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms"...

Article I, Sec. II of our Constitution's "Bill of Rights:" states that: "All political power is vested in and derived from the people, all government of right originates with the people, is founded upon their will and is instituted solely for their good..."

(The Daily Times story on the commission's meeting) failed to inform the public that the San Juan County Citizens do not consent to the proposed Ordinance 95 and or any "Color of Law" Ordinance that violates our natural inherent Rights and pursuit of happiness!

Equally, Sec. IV: "All persons are born equally free and independent, have certain natural Rights among them the seeking and obtaining happiness..."

The "general welfare" is only used as authority to impose such financial slavery on the People.

So what does the "the pursuit of and obtaining happiness" really mean?

To the government it means "money in the purses of the politicians to expand their political hold on our freedoms" and the "involuntary servitude" of the naive electorate. However, in truth and in law, this is what it was intended to mean by our founding constitutions: "As used in constitutional law, this right includes personal freedom, freedom of contract, exemption from oppression or invidious discrimination, the right to follow one's individual preference in “the choice of an occupation" and the application of his energies, liberty of conscience, and the right to enjoy the domestic relations and the privileges of the family and the home.”

Rights are not privileges, nor can they lawfully be converted into such. The proposed Ordinance 95 attempts to illegally do just that, convert our rights into privileges! New Mexico Bill of Rights, Article IV: Sec. 1: "The people reserve the power to disapprove, suspend, and or annul any law enacted by the legislature...”

It is the consensus of said citizens that this ordinance is in violation of our constitutional rights and is thereby destroying our constitutionally guaranteed republican form of government as stated in Article IV, Sec. 4 of the Constitution for the United States of America.

Ron Lyman

Citizens Oversight Group

Fundraiser cancellation disappointing


Our second major fundraiser which would have been our second annual 5K Bubble Bash run planned for Saturday, at Berg Park Pavilion, was cancelled by the ColorDash event president Zach Olson. His reason for cancellation was low registered participants. The ColorDash felt it was too much of a risk for them to continue with this event. The numbers looked promising, as many register the day of the event.

We were extremely disappointed that we had to inform our community, the city of Farmington Marketing and Public Relations, PRCA Department, KOBF Advertising, volunteers, Farmington Fire Department Pumper Truck, Farmington Parks and Recreation/Berg Park and other major supporters of this event. And would like to apologize to everyone for inconvenience this may have caused. We spent countless hours advertising and promoting this fundraiser.

NUMC New Beginnings is a transitional living shelter for women and their children who are survivors of domestic violence. The money raised would have greatly benefited our program. As a non-profit organization we raise funds to continue to help families in need and it is our hope that the community will continue to support our future fundraisers.

Rena Bibo

Director, NUMC-New Beginnings Program

Farmington officer's service is hi-tech


I would like to acknowledge the dedication of a Farmington police officer who used technology to recover a cell phone for a local resident recently. An individual accidentally left his phone on his car when driving and when he realized his mistake, he retraced his path and could not find the phone so he activated a locating app. The app sounds an alarm on the phone and displays a number for the person who located the phone to call to notify the owner. The owner saw that his phone was mobile and he, with the assistance of Officer Worrell, began following the path of the phone.

Officer Worrell obtained permission from his supervisor to follow the phone because it was headed toward Colorado. The person who located the phone had stopped near the state line to see if someone could show him how to deactivate the alarm on the phone with no success and then proceeded to Durango. Officer Worrell enlisted the help of a Durango officer and located the phone at a business in Durango. The phone was recovered and although the person who found it engaged in suspicious behavior in trying to disable the alarm and made no attempt to contact the owner, no charges were filed.

Officer Worrell showed great dedication in assisting in the recovery of the phone which saved the citizen several hundred dollars. Thank you for your dedicated service Officer Worrell. Although this was not a major case, you showed what it truly means to protect and serve.

Jerry Vigil


Game announcer has a responsibility


I debated writing this letter and decided to go for it. I will try to say this in as succinct and positive a manner as possible. On Oct. 16, I attended the Bloomfield/Shiprock football game. Accent on "game."

Letters to the Editor

Great weather, great field, great people all enjoying the evening as we watched our kids play. The announcer was great — good speaking voice, good projection, kept the information flowing in a comfortable manner. However, I was disappointed with some of his word choices, the manner in which the score was repeatedly reiterated, the despairing tone in certain comments.

I realized anew how much influence an announcer can exert! Little innuendos and slanted wording can incite people who may already be feeling on edge, thus egging on the problems we sometimes encounter following games.

Likewise — especially with such a gifted voice — positive wording regarding both teams, and the group as a whole, can go a long way to creating an atmosphere of fun, camaraderie, encouragement, and love of the game, win or lose. My disappointment over the team's overwhelming loss was little compared to my disappointment over the misuse of the loud speaker. What an awesome responsibility you have, Mr. Announcer!

Susan Hack