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Attack on sovereignty lacks compassion


In response to “Sovereignty vanishes in time of need”, letter dated Oct.11 in The Daily Times. It is nice to read people’s opinions, sometimes nice and not so nice. The piece about our Shiprock chapter president and Navajo Nation sovereignty was not very nice at all.

I think that it is great that there are charitable organizations for people of any race, creed, or color to turn to in time of their need. Anyone can come upon hard times and have to ask for help in some shape or form to make it through the day, the week, or the month. People reach out to charities and ones in charge of those charities help with whatever they can. As for the Navajo Nation government, it does help its people as well, but the assistance comes through a process of application and time. Charitable organizations and churches on the other hand are more immediate, whereas, with the Navajo Nation government is a longer process. Our Shiprock Chapter president, vice president, and secretary are all doing their jobs with requests for assistance according to procedure for the Navajo people.

When you have come upon hard times, I don’t think you will be asking for a hand-out, but help. So, practice your humanitarianism to all humans. We are all created equal in the sight of God and we will come upon a need at time or another in our lives, regardless of our race or color. Be thankful for your blessings! And I am proud to be a member of the great sovereign Navajo Nation.

Wilford R. Joe


Arizona Republic editorial not based in fact


The guest editorial "Police are challenged on the street," states, "In many U.S. cities, crime rates, especially violent crime, is spiking more dramatically than in any year since 1993." No source for this statement is cited. The FBI posts a very readable and informative table, "Crime in the United States, Table 1," which shows a definite and steady drop in the violent crime rate from 1994 to 2013.

I trust the FBI to collect and analyze this kind of information. The editorial, originally published in the Arizona Republic, appears to be wrong about the one and only factual basis for its entire argument.

Hoyle Osborn


Bear should be removed from Game and Fish logo 

An open letter to our NM Game Commissioners:

Honestly folks, in all fairness, you need to remove the bear from your logo. The N.M. Department of Game & Fish logo and byline is an absolute travesty. Most New Mexicans truly want to conserve ALL wildlife for our grandchildren's generation, and are interested in more than just those creatures we can slaughter for a profit.

What went down on Aug. 27, at your meeting was an abomination. At the very least, OWN IT and change your logo!

Cindy Roper

Ribera, N.M.

Trump suffers from an overactive mouth


Of late, apparently waxing overconfident that he will be the Republican candidate for President, Donald Trump has displayed a disgusting tendency toward diarrhea of the mouth.

I refer specifically to his statement that U.S. Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl should be executed.

As we know, Sgt. Berghdal could  be facing prosecution in the U.S. military justice system for deserting his guard post, in enemy territory in Afghanistan, and providing “comfort to the enemy” (the Taliban).

As we know also, our military justice system no longer sentences deserters to execution. If Sgt. Bergdahl undergoes court martial and is found guilty of the charges being urged against him, he will spend a long term in jail, at Fort Leavenworth.

To put it simply, it is not Trump’s job, as a candidate for president, to pass a verdict or a sentence on Sgt. Bergdahl.  Nor is it Trump’s job to precipitously blab out careless judgments when the military process in underway.

To put it even more strongly, Trump has no business usurping the military justice system.

In fact, in the statement I have cited above, Trump has shown he has no business running for president. He needs to be dragged off the stage by the old vaudeville hook.

Tom Wright