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Farmington Daily Times

Returning Farmington grad loves school spirit


I was born and raised here in Farmington, and am a graduate of FHS class of 1998.

I left New Mexico for awhile and have recently come back. I would just like to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the fireworks that FHS did for their homecoming celebrations. It was a great show and I appreciated all of the green fireworks showing off school spirit.

I'm glad the pride is still there and from where I watched I could hear all of the cheering and people having fun with Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" in the background, it's good to know school spirit is alive and well.

Thanks again for the great show FHS.


Heather Deardoff


Two-Faced Lying Hypocrites


It was to be expected that the president of the United States would call for more gun control when the crazy shot up the college in Oregon.

Obama, and all politicians who want to ban guns are two-faced hypocrites. Obama is surrounded with men with guns everywhere he goes, yet wants "we the people" to have none. How many politicians have armed body guards?

The POTUS said we have become "numb" to the mass shootings. Then I say he and most liberals are numb to the millions of babies murdered every year and want abortion (which they call women's reproductive rights) to continue with taxpayer funding at half a billion dollars a year by a nation already $19 trillion in debt.

Don't talk to us about being "numb" at gun deaths while supporting the murder of babies even up to the point of live birth. Talk about "numb".

Letters to the editor

Richard L. Eckstein


Put secular monuments on church lawns


The Ten Commandments monument at the Bloomfield City Hall does not bother me.

I don't have to drive anywhere near it on a regular basis. If there was one in Farmington it may aggravate me a little. Religious icons from Christian or any other religion, including the Wiccans should not be on display by a government building that is maintained with taxpayer dollars.

If the Court of Appeals agrees to let the religious declaration remain, then what is wrong with installing the Declaration of Independence on the front lawn of some of Bloomfield's churches? Or maybe the congregations should recite the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of their services.

Warren Rogers


Sovereignty disappears in time of need


The Navajo Nation likes to brag about being a sovereign nation until they need something. Then they contact the federal government, or in this case, Farmington's taxpayers for handouts. Why should someone travel all the way from Lake Valley for a handout at Catholic Charities? Or food, clothing, and shelter (the Roof)? Where is the Navajo Nation or for that matter, Duane "Chili" Yazzie of Shiprock? Is that feeding, clothing, or sheltering his "constituents?" What a laugh. Just another politician.

Woody Moore


A Better Way to Cut Carbon Dioxide Emissions


In her Sept.30 column in the Farmington Daily Times, Marita Noon blames the drive to reduce carbon dioxide emissions for the decision by Volkswagen to manipulate the results of routine emission tests. In essence, Noon claims that governments are responsible for VW’s efforts to fake emissions tests because they require diesel cars to adhere to strict emissions standards, when clearly the fault lies with VW’s effort to make money by selling diesel cars that could not pass the emissions tests.

We need sensible regulations to protect our health and the environment, including limits on emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and other air pollutants. VW’s action to evade such regulations has led to adverse effects on air quality, the climate, and their corporate viability, once again demonstrating the foolishness of making short-term profit the sole measure of corporate success.

A better way to limit the effects of carbon dioxide emissions would be to accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to alternative energies by placing a steadily rising fee on all fossil fuels and returning all the money collected to all American households equally. Citizens Climate Lobby recent commissioned a study on the results of such a policy by Regional Economic Models, Inc. This study projects that in 20 years such a policy would cut carbon dioxide emissions in half, while creating almost 3 million new jobs.

Philippa Solomon

Edison, N.J.