Letter: Political correctness is communism

Richard L. Eckstein
The Daily Times


I don't know if Donald Trump is a serious candidate for president, but I do know the whole political establishment, large corporations and many movements are out to crush and destroy him.

The reason he has been so vilified is because he has sinned against the holy doctrine of political correctness. He has been so bold as to slap political correctness on it's ugly snout. Good for him for not backing down (yet).

Political correctness is nothing but cultural communism and cultural Bolshevism. It's main purpose is the destruction of the Christian based culture of the West. Their main target is Christianity which they regard as evil and must be destroyed at all costs. P.C. is now enforced by government laws and regulations. It dominates the educational system. A main goal of P.C. is to stifle free speech. Truth must be banished from the public arena and truth tellers must be punished and never heard from again.

Another example; no politician can be elected unless he tell great lies. Truth is the death blow to political ambitions. The biggest liar usually wins. Political correctness has taken over both major political parties. It is a calculated attempt to destroy all that make America great.

As an example of the power of P.C. it is now guaranteed that any who oppose homosexuality will never be a governor of any state, or a local police chief or the CEO of a corporation or principal of a school or any position of leadership. Different views will not be tolerated, and any will be destroyed who dare to violate P.C.

People need to recognize political correctness for what it is, a communist scheme masquerading as "tolerance" and fair treatment. If this serpent is not killed it will be the downfall of our country. It is government sanctioned thought control. Very deadly to freedom!