Letter: What is happening with the Shiprock Fair?

Wilford Tsosie Joe
The Daily Times


I think I share the following view with the ordinary citizen who has no access to the Internet. Here it is August and the Shiprock Fairgrounds are overgrown with weeds. I am wondering if there are any plans to start preparing for a fair this year or will everything be pushed to the final two weeks before the start of the fair to do anything. I read in the newspapers about other communities preparing for their fairs, about events that will take place and about special performers who will appear.

The community of Shiprock does not have anything posted in The Daily Times, Gallup Independent, or Navajo Times about the upcoming 2015 Shiprock Fair.

Where did all the revenues from last year's (2014) fair go? The structures for rodeo and the exhibit hall are all in need of reconstruction and the grounds are probably in the same condition as the original fair from over 100 years ago. The planning and preparation activities should be happening now instead of the emptiness of an open field and forlorn crumbling structures with the appearance of abandonment.