Letter: Trump rejects tact for 'simple honesty'

Ron Nott
The Daily Times


Many experts are attempting to determine the reason why Donald Trump has such a good showing in the presidential polls. Here is another theory. For many years, we Americans have become jaded by the professional career politicians who run Washington. Do we select them by democratic process? No. They are selected by the good ol' boys in the back rooms. Most of us have given up trying to correct this. Our balloting system has failed.

But now a non-politician shows up and does not know or want to speak in politician lingo. He says whatever he believes without pulling any punches. For years the pros have schmoozed us with tact and diplomacy. They tell us what they think the "majority" wants to hear and we dutifully vote. The results stink!

Mr. Trump does not do tact and diplomacy and because of this people are drawn to his candid and outspoken statements. Whether they agree with him or not, they respect his direct, plain and simple honesty. The pros hope he will go away soon. They cannot control him and they don't like it!

Tact and diplomacy are just formalized deceit that people use to get something they want, but we are brainwashed to believe that we must do it just to be "nice." Nice is not what we need in our highest leaders. The greatest leaders in our history were not bland, insipid gentlemen and ladies, but direct outspoken people who sometimes insulted someone, but they were far better leaders for it.

Because we are generally shallow and simplistic thinkers, we are stuck with our pathetic two-party system and both parties fail to truly represent the people. Personally, I prefer a cantankerous maverick because he reflects my own personality. Yes, I fail to schmooze people but I don't care. And if they don't like me for it, I don't care. I hope that Trump survives and is nominated because I will certainly vote for him.