Letter: Poor treatment for senior at the senior center

Jerry Billings
The Daily Times


Let me start way back into last year I was playing pool, minding my own business when this gentleman, who said he was from Mexico, called me a name I will not put on paper but it was about my mother and we got into an altercation, I was banned from the center for two weeks. Now to present day I got into a heated argument with the male secretary. He called the police on me, the responding officers were a male and female, both very nice, but the female policeman talked to me like she was my mother. Evidently you cannot talk back or disagree with the senior citizens staff. You have no word in the matter you (according to them) do not have a say in anything.

The adult programs manager told me that for me to return to the center I had to write an apology letter after two weeks, which I did. He said there would be no problem. Come to find out his word did not mean anything, I was banned from the center for six months for arguing with the male secretary. I am 79 years young and I don't believe that I am a threat to anyone, and their punishment is too severe.

The people (there) are treated like children not adults that have lived their lives out and are ready to set back and enjoy the comforts of what we paid our taxes for like supporting the senior citizen center.