Letter: Farmington Police Dept. has wrong priorities

Frank Dart
The Daily Times


I am a retired police officer. You might recall I raised issues at Farmington Police Department about dedicating the necessary resources to effectively investigate and prosecute child abusers. One would hope by this point FPD could find the resources to do just that.

Yet, it seems there are still areas of law enforcement that must take precedence. Recently, I was at the home of some family members when I noticed an FPD Community Service Officer outside. It was apparent he was in the neighborhood enforcing parking laws.

I noticed he was writing a citation to an elderly grandmother, who had parked on the wrong side of the street. This woman is a saint, spending countless hours watching grandchildren, so their parents can work. I contacted the CSO and informed him I would move her car immediately and I requested he not issue a parking citation to an elderly grandmother, who lives on a fixed income.

He told me it was too late and she could just go to court. This officer must have been so proud that he made his quota that day. He must be so proud that he taught this grandmother a lesson. Bless his little heart for keeping us all so safe from woman like this. And congratulations to him for making sure she would shell out around $80 for her awful crime.

Kudos to FPD for finding more resources to keep this dreaded scourge from parking illegally in our neighborhoods. Lord, bless the little children, for FPD continues to find more ways to spend its resources on things that are apparently more important than investigating crimes against children.