Letter: Breastfeeding in public requires respect for others

Dorothy Rowe
The Daily Times


I would like to comment on the article written by Hannah Grover (in the July 27 Daily Times), "Women Raise Awareness about breast-feeding laws after mother was told to cover up at the Bloomfield Aquatic Center." First, I am 100 percent in support of breast feeding, but what happened to modesty and privacy? What has happened to respect for our fellow man/woman? I know MANY people who find it incredibly awkward, including myself to see a woman's breast hanging out. How difficult is it to use a light blanket or to take the child into a private area to breastfeed out of respect for others? Don't look some may say, but that would only work if we were all blind. I raised young boys who I tried to teach to respect women. Talk about uncomfortable for them when they were forced into a situation with an exposed breast-feeding woman. I say, be kind and respectful and please cover up or go somewhere private. I think the life guard was right. He was trying to stand up for the rights of everyone in the swimming pool, not just one person. Anyone else share this view? Speak out, it's time.