Letter: Open letter to New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas

George Sharpe
The Daily Times

According to an article in (Friday's) Farmington Daily Times, you have reversed your position and now oppose the proposal before the Public Regulation Commission to maintain some operations at Public Service Company of New Mexico's Four Corners Generating Station.

You want to "improve the plan in two main ways — lowering costs for ratepayers and adding more renewable energy." Do you not realize how ridiculous those sound in the same sentence?

There is absolutely nothing cheaper about renewable energy. Each electron not only costs more to generate, but you also still have to have a coal or gas fired power plant sitting idle in the wings to pick up the slack when the sun isn't shining and the wind isn't blowing. If you want more renewable energy, you are living some sort of fantasy if you think it is going to come at a lower cost to ratepayers.

You are rightfully concerned about all the "many families who can't even afford to pay their utility bills." I hope you have the same concern for the families and businesses in the Four Corners who would pay the price if the current plan is denied. If PNM is forced to close the plant, thousands more won't be able to afford their utilities, and ironically, the cost for electricity will have to go up.

Mr. Balderas, if you truly represent the interests of the families of New Mexico (and not those of the environmental extremists who must have pressured you to change your position), then you will support the ongoing operations of the Four Corners Power Plant.